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Language Assessment 2.0

The most accurate language assessment.
Easier, faster, online.

In a 15-min session, our virtual interview app interacts with people using realistic role-plays. Our native language experts assess their speaking and writing abilities. You get the best assessment possible to address your business needs within 24-hours.

Test takers will thank you for it.

Our assessment app uses beautifully illustrated role-plays to have test takers speak and write. The test experience becomes realistic and fun!

The test lasts 15 minutes and the app is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more painstaking multiple choice questions, no more planning!

"Everything was super fine. I actually enjoyed taking a test! Incredible!"
— Pedro G.

"It's very dynamic and seems to focus on the use of language and fluency which in the end I think are more important than dry grammar rules."
— Irene R.

Get actionable insights

Our native language experts assess test takers using detailed criteria from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The assessment by professionals give fantastic insights that a pencil & paper test could never provide, such as pronunciation, fluency, coherence...
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All of our examiners are certified language teachers - with at least 5 years of experience teaching their native language. They all have a deep understanding of the CEFR.

Keep track of all test results

Send tests and consult results on your company's web dashboard.

Easily share all test results with your team!

What our clients say about us

"I have had a great experience dealing with Pipplet's excellent service for Language Testing."
Caroline H.

HR Manager at Zevas

"Thanks to Pipplet we shortened our recruitment process. We love the simplicity and accuracy of the results."
Olivier M.

CEO at Setex

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Why is Pipplet better than a face-to-face language proficiency interview?

Improved Reliability

Pipplet uses an asynchronous interview app: the examiner and the test taker are not online at the same time. This helps ensure strict control of the assessment protocol for test takers. Everyone gets an objective input. Examiners are given access to audio recordings without the interference of social cues, allowing a pinpoint focus on language skills. This improves the test reliability dramatically, and ensures fairness and objectivity to the test takers.

Improved Validity

Face-to-face interviews put considerable cognitive stress on the language examiner because it requires multi-tasking to manage all aspects of the interview process. Therefore, making it difficult to get a precise assessment against specific criteria. With the Pipplet app, the examiner can replay oral productions as many time as necessary. It improves the accuracy of the assessment especially when using specific criteria like pronunciation, grammar, etc.

A multi-award winning company

June 2015: Pipplet is awarded the iLAB prize from the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

September 2015: Pipplet wins the French Digital Innovation national award.

November 2015: Pipplet is selected by the French Incubator, Agoranov in Paris.

May 2016: Pipplet wins the Adecco Startup Tour for its recruitment solutions.

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