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The Next Generation Language Assessment

The quality of an assessment by native language teachers, in just a few clicks.

In a 30-min session, our virtual interview app interacts with your candidates using realistic role-plays. They speak, listen, read and write in the language. Our worldwide community of verified language examiners assess their real ability to interact professionally. You get the best assessment possible to address your business needs within 12 hours on average (24 hours max).

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Engage your candidates with realistic role‑plays. Find out their real language skills.

The association of role-plays and an assessment performed by professionals gives you fantastic insights that a pencil & paper test could never provide, such as pronunciation, fluency, coherence...

Pipplet dramatically improves the candidate's experience. 15 to 30 minutes are enough. No more painstaking multiple choice questions. No more scheduling!

SaaS Role-plays Assessment

"Everything was super fine. I actually enjoyed taking a test! Incredible!" — Pedro G.

"It's very dynamic and seems to focus on the use of language and fluency which in the end I think are more important than dry grammar rules." — Irene R.

Reliable Assessment Through Innovation

We strongly believe in combining the knowledge of our examiners with the power of technology. That’s why we have developed specialized technology that allows examiners to focus on their know-how, while improving the reliability of the assessments and the turnaround time.

Our solution follows the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and all of our examiners are certified language teachers - with at least 5 years of experience teaching their native language.

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Actionable Insights

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Our Language Proficiency Tests Offering

for Recruitment

Pipplet Talent® Get a detailed view of your candidate’s skills in the language, irrespective of the sector.

Pipplet Talent Pro® Validate sector-specific language abilities: Customer Service, Medical, Consulting...

Bespoke tests on demand.

for Training

Pipplet Placement® Place your learners by levels before the training starts.

Pipplet Success® Certify your professional training sessions. Eligible to the CPF in France.

Pipplet Business® and Pipplet Engineering® Certify English skills at the end of business and engineering schools curriculum.

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MS Arabic

and more...

If you are looking to assess in a language we don't offer yet, please contact us.

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Keep track of all test results

Send tests and consult results on your company's web dashboard.

Easily share all test results with your team!

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Integrate our assessment to your process

Pipplet is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application and boasts a REST API. That means we can easily make test results directly available in your talent management software, and integrate our assessment to your online application process. We are already integrated with a number of solutions and can add others on demand.

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Integrate our SaaS assessment to your system and process

Get rid of fraud

Pipplet online test center can secure the test session to make sure that it is indeed your candidates who take the test. A continuous check is done using the computer’s camera and microphone all along the test.

Integrate our assessment to your system and process

Why is Pipplet better than a face-to-face language proficiency interview?

Improved Reliability

Pipplet uses an asynchronous interview app: the examiner and the test taker are not online at the same time. This helps ensure strict control of the assessment protocol for test takers. Everyone gets an objective input. Examiners are given access to audio recordings without the interference of social cues, allowing a pinpoint focus on language skills. This improves the test reliability dramatically, and ensures fairness and objectivity to the test takers.

Improved Validity

Face-to-face interviews put considerable cognitive stress on the language examiner because it requires multi-tasking to manage all aspects of the interview process. Therefore, making it difficult to get a precise assessment against specific criteria. With the Pipplet app, the examiner can replay oral productions as many times as necessary. It improves the accuracy of the assessment especially when using specific criteria like pronunciation, grammar, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you differentiate from classic tests like the TOEIC or the BULATS?

Our process is entirely online and on-demand. Candidates don’t have to travel or schedule a time to take the test. Moreover, the digitalization of the test and assessment process allows us to offer a complete assessment, including speaking and writing productive skills, for the price of a partial test that assesses only reading and listening.

Are your grades comparable with other test grades?

Most language proficiency tests are based on the European referential CEFR, or give a corresponding scale. The Pipplet test uses the CEFR scale, so grades are easily comparable with other tests grades. However, it is important to keep in mind that the Pipplet test assesses productive skills that are often overlooked by other tests. Depending on the candidate, this can cause a significant difference in the grade obtained.

How do you recruit your examiners?

We enforce a strict selection criteria on our examiners. They have to be native speakers of the language they assess, be educated as linguists or language teachers, have more than 5 years of experience with teaching, and a perfect knowledge of CEFR principles. They are then selected based on their ability to deliver a precise and constant assessment, based on control samples. A continuous check is also in place to ensure the quality of their assessment is thoroughly maintained.