Have your Candidates Assessed by Native-speaking Examiners.

Know their real spoken & written language skills in less than 24 hours.

Save time. Request assessments in 1 click. Get results in your web dashboard.

Make your test-takers happy! They can take the test in 30 minutes without appointment, and appreciate the realistic scenarios.

Our Language Proficiency Tests Offering

for Recruitment

Pipplet Talent® - Get a detailed view of your applicants' skills in the language, including strengths and weaknesses.

Pipplet Screening® - Quickly sort applicants based on their language proficiency level.

for Training

Pipplet Success® - Certify your professional training sessions. ➜ Eligible to the CPF in France.

Pipplet Placement® - Place your learners in the appropriate level before training starts.

Pipplet Business® and Pipplet Engineering® - Certify English skills at the end of business and engineering school curriculum.

Available in:








MS Arabic

and more...

If you are looking to assess a language we don't offer yet, or need a custom test, please contact us.

How does it work?


1. Candidates Take the Test Online

Send test invitation emails from your web dashboard. Or have candidates take the test on premises.


2. Their answers are analysed by our native-speaking experts

Each answer is carefuly analysed and graded following the CEFR guidelines. Our expert examiners are selected and monitored to guarantee a precise and reliable assessment.


3. You Receive their Results within 24 Hours

You get a detailed report on their language skills straight in your inbox. Results are consolidated in your web dashboard.

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