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Pipplet's test format combines open-response questions and authentic scenarios. Grounded in the CEFR framework, it measures language skills in real-world contexts across diverse industries.

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Pipplet Premium Assessment

A modern language test designed for your modern needs

Pipplet offers scenario based tests

Assess language skills that are directly applicable in professional or academic settings.

Pipplet offers scenario based tests

Our test format adapts to your needs with industry-specific thematic tests and a customizable question bank.

Pipplet offers scenario based tests

Rigorous quality assurance ensures a fair and consistent testing experience, making it a trusted choice across various sectors.

Scenario-Based Questions

Say goodbye to multiple-choice questions that only quiz language knowledge! Our test prompts responses to real-world and professional scenarios, offering a more accurate measure of an individual's ability to process and interact in the target language.

Pipplet offers scenario based tests
Pipplet offers scenario based tests

Efficient Testing

With a total testing time of just 30 minutes, we've carefully calibrated the time given for each question. This encourages spontaneity and provides valuable insights into an individual's real proficiency level, all while keeping the test engaging and focused.

Test Design for Reliability

Our test design undergoes rigorous item analysis and pilot testing. The format encourages spontaneous language use, enabling precise and consistent grading by our examiners.

Pipplet offers scenario based tests

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