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With an intuitive and secure interface that keeps your candidates focused from start to finish, the Pipplet test can be taken from any PC or cell phone.

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The new standard for online language testing

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As soon as they receive their invitation, candidates can take the test from anywhere, at any time, from a computer or on their cell phone.


Pipplet's designers focused on ease of use, so that every candidate is comfortable taking the test.

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The Pipplet test takes 30 minutes: enough time for applicants to express themselves, and accurately assess their oral and writing skills.

Simple and intuitive interface

With Pipplet, offer your candidates an easy-to-use test interface, on PC or mobile. Clear instructions lead them seamlessly from one exercise to the next.

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Modern and pleasant design

Pipplet's clean, modern design makes it a pleasant experience for the candidate and promotes concentration throughout the duration of the test.

The choice of security

Fully compliant with the GDPR, Pipplet guarantees the confidentiality of the information provided by your candidates and the protection of their personal data.

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Guarantee of reliability

Pipplet’s anti-cheating features make it possible to detect and prevent any attempt at fraud, making the online evaluation as reliable as the in-person one.

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