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Pipplet for Audit & Consulting

Assess the Actual Foreign Language Skills of Your Staff and Candidates

Are you an HR manager in an audit or consulting firm? Need to recruit consultants able to interact in foreign languages? Pipplet can help you test their language proficiency quickly and accurately.

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Pipplet Language Assessment Training Leaners

They put their trust in Pipplet’s tests


Identify the best talent in your industry

Test their language abilities
Assess their communication skills
Verify their match with your industry requirements
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Strengthen your recruitment and hire talented candidates

Whether you need language tests during the early or late stages of recruitment, Pipplet allows you to test your candidates when you need to.

Once they’ve taken the test, you can quickly view and analyze their results directly from your dashboard.

Ditch the multiple-choice language tests

Say hello to interactive language tests to determine practical language use. Be confident your consultants can interact professionally in a foreign language.

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A 30 minute test, no need to schedule a time

A language test is only one step of your recruitment process, so we’ve made it simple and enjoyable.

Your candidates receive their test invitation and take the test when and wherever they like. And even better - the test only takes 30 minutes !

Customer stories

Pipplet for consulting companies

Pipplet works with several large consulting firms in Europe, helping them recruit expert multilingual consultants. One shared challenge experienced by these companies is how to identify skilled multilingual prospects in their application tracking system.
Their solution? Teaming up with Pipplet to carry out language testing.
At Pipplet, we provide an easy-to-use, relevant language testing service, allowing you to identify who, among hundreds of applicants, are most capable of communicating and thriving in a diverse work environment.


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