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Pipplet for Audit & Consulting

Assess the Actual Foreign Language Skills of Your Staff and Candidates

Are you an HR manager in an audit or consulting firm? Need to recruit consultants able to interact in foreign languages? Pipplet can help you test their language proficiency quickly and accurately.

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Pipplet Language Assessment Training Leaners
Test their language abilities
Assess their communication skills
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Pipplet for Consulting Companies

Pipplet works with several large consulting firms worldwide, helping them recruit multilingual consultants and consulting services teams. One shared challenge experienced by recruiters is how to efficiently and accurately identify qualified candidates who are fluent in a foreign language.
Their solution? Online language assessment with Pipplet.
Recruiters can now digitalize, automate, and simplify the language assessment step within the hiring process, as well as measure language proficiency within the workplace context thanks to custom questions reflecting typical scenarios in the consulting industry. Leverage Pipplet to identify qualified candidates capable of communicating and working within a global work environment.

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