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Pipplet: much more than a language test

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Pipplet goes far beyond existing tests and assesses the ability to understand and express oneself in a foreign language—both orally and in writing.

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Evaluate more than just language: our linguists also take into account vocabulary, pronunciation, organization of ideas, and consistency.

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For certain professional contexts, Pipplet has created specialized tests based on specific business needs or sectors and related vocabulary.

Pipplet: much more than a language test

Pipplet Standard

The generalist language test for professionals. Identify the actual language level, both written and oral, of each applicant.

overall skill report pipplet

Pipplet for Content Moderation

The language test for hiring your content moderators. With Pipplet, test the language level of their candidates in charge of content moderation. Recruit multilingual moderators with the skills needed to moderate content effectively.

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Pipplet for Audit and Consulting

The language test for auditing and consulting companies. Select your future auditors and consultants by assessing their actual communicative ability in different languages.

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Pipplet for Scale-ups

The language test for start-ups. Nurture your company’s growth by selecting candidates already capable of operating in international contexts.

scale-ups solution pipplet

Pipplet for Retail

The language test for business. Recruit salespeople and sales agents to better serve your international clientele.

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Pipplet for Healthcare

The language test for health and hospital structures, including hospital staff, nurses, and doctors. Recruit multilingual profiles!

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Customized Pipplet

Is your organization in a sector that’s not listed here? Contact us with your specific language assessment needs!

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