Cheating and Fraud

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Reliability is in Pipplet's DNA. The test interface incorporates a set of standards that detect cheating and ensure the same level of reliability as a face-to-face test.

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The language test loathed by cheaters

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The identity of the candidates is checked and anti-fraud measures ensure that the test has been taken alone.

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Pipplet detects cheating attempts and sends candidates warning messages in real time.

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Routine snapshots via the webcam ensure the test’s required conditions are respected.

A secure interface

Our anti-copy and paste system and the detection of any tab changes allow us to detect cheating attempts. When Pipplet detects cheating on a test, this information is displayed clearly on the evaluation report and the client is informed.

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identity verification design pipplet

Identity verification

The identity verification feature and the use of the webcam allow Pipplet to authenticate the identity of the candidate and assure recruiters that the right person has taken the test.

A timed test

In addition to all these measures, the length of the exam (30 minutes) and the maximum time allowed for each question make it almost impossible to obtain outside help.

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evaluation report pipplet

Evaluation reports with unique ID numbers

Each Pipplet certificate is stored in an encrypted database that makes it impossible to falsify evaluation reports or produce fraudulent certificates. With the report ID, anyone can ask Pipplet to verify its validity.

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