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Streamline your process with a single tool to dispatch tests, automate communications, track progress, and receive evaluation reports.

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One simple tool to digitalize your entire language assessment process

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Pipplet has invested in ergonomics to maximize ease of use. A few clicks are all you need to send your first tests.

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Track your available credits, the status of tests sent, and assessments received—all in one place and in real time.

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Manage admin access to share your dashboard with your team and transmit tests.

Language Testing Made Easy

In a few clicks, add, import, launch, and manage your campaigns by language, prospect, and target CEFR score. Candidate reminders are automatic!

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Obtain Results and Compare Candidates

Find reviewer ratings, share them with managers, and rank applicants to quickly identify the best.

Manage Credits

Buy credits “as you go” with no commitment, and use them at your disposal.

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Assign and Manage Team Access

Invite your team of recruiters or trainers to Pipplet to share access to your company account and associated testing credits.

Steamline Your Process

Integrate Pipplet with your HR tools to save time and productivity for your teams by automating manual tasks.

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