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Assess the Actual Foreign Language Skills of Your Staff and Candidates

Pipplet allows you to test the language ability of your candidates and teams in over 40 languages. Verify the aptitude of your candidates to effectively moderate content.

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How Pipplet Helps Content Moderation Teams Improve their Hiring Process

For companies -like social media, marketplaces, reviews websites…- that rely on content shared by users, moderation teams must master multiple languages.

That's why assessing language skills is critical, early in their hiring process.

In recent years, the most popular user-generated content (UGC) companies in the world chose Pipplet to test the language level of their candidates in charge of content moderation. Thanks to Pipplet, their validate the language level of the candidates at the beginning of the recruitment process, even before the first interview.

With that solution, they can plan interviews of just the candidates who have demonstrated their ability to effectively moderate content, saving a huge amount of managers and recruiters' immediate time. And the diversity of languages that can be tested with Pipplet (more than 40) is a perfect match for the multilingual challenges of global UGC companies, whose users are located all over the world.
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