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Pipplet for Hospitality

Assess the Actual Foreign Language Skills of Your Staff and Candidates

Are you an HR manager in the hospitality sector? Assess with Pipplet the language communication skills of hospitality agents who wish to practice in a multilingual environment.

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Why speaking foreign languages is critical in the Hospitality industry?

In a globalized world, speaking foreign languages is becoming increasingly important for hospitality agents.

By being able to communicate with guests from all over the world in their native language, agents can provide a higher level of customer service and create a more enjoyable experience for guests.

In addition, speaking multiple languages can also be a valuable asset when agents are trying to upsell guests on activities or services. By being able to explain the benefits of certain activities in the guests' native language, agents can be more effective in selling these services.

Ultimately, speaking foreign languages can help hospitality agents build better relationships with guests, provide better customer service, and increase sales.

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