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As an expert in language assessment, Pipplet delivers an authentic and unfalsifiable assessment report for each professional tested, based on the international CEFR reference framework.

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In detail

Pipplet Report* under the microscope

* detailed version: Talent+, FLEX+
Candidate information

Information about the test-taker -their name, the date and language they took the test in.

General skills

Your candidate's performance in the major skills areas – speaking, listening, and writing.

Strengths and weaknesses

Elements on which the candidate has performed well and those on which they can improve.

Overall level

Candidate's overall language level, calculated taking into account the score achieved in each of the different skills.

Specific skills

Evaluation of specific language skills, such as pronunciation, consistency and vocabulary, providing a more detailed picture of the candidate's skills.

All the reports

Pipplet reports, one by one

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Pipplet Talent+
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Pipplet FLEX+
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