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Save time and speed up your processes

Integrate Pipplet with your recruiting or e-learning software to send your language tests in one click or even automatically. Integrations are there to make things easier and more efficient for you.

Automate your time-consuming tasks

Is language assessment just one step in your process? Don't waste time with manual actions! Integrate Pipplet directly with your HR software and productivity tools and free yourself from time-consuming tasks.

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↳ Native integrations

Dozens of Pipplet customers have already linked Pipplet to their HR software. Join them in integrating Pipplet assessment into your existing tools and save time.

Your recruitment or talent management software is not in that list?
Check below for possible integrations via Zapier!

With Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, say goodbye to manual processes and time-consuming HR tasks! It revolutionizes the way businesses handle their workforce, saving you valuable time and maximizing productivity. Thanks to the Pipplet API integration and automation, streamline your HR operations, especially for candidates' language assessment.

Workable is an all-in-one recruiting software providing powerful online tools to source and manage candidates, wrapped up in an interface that teams actually like to use.
Test your candidates' language skills with Pipplet and get the results directly on Workable!

Greenhouse is an industry-leading hiring software, designed to make companies great at hiring. With Greenhouse, recruitment professionals are able to deliver measurable hiring results in order to build, grow, and win.

SmartRecruiters is the generational successor to yesterday’s applicant tracking systems, allowing organizations to find, engage and hire great talent. Pipplet is the first multilingual language test available through SmartRecruiters Marketplace. Assess your candidates in one click, or add Pipplet to your standard application workflow to only spend time with qualified candidates.

Part of PSI Services group, Talogy (former Cubiks) offers a wide range of assessment solutions (personality questionnaire, reasoning test, 360 assessment, emotional intelligence assessment, values assessment, situational assessments) and talent management.

Lever is a Talent Acquisition Suite that helps recruiters connect with top talent and achieve their hiring goals. The main strength of Lever is that it provides talent acquisition teams with complete ATS and robust CRM capabilities in one product.

TeamTailor helps organizations recruit the best talent by providing them with a beautiful career site that converts visitors into applicants. No technical knowledge is required, it's easy to build, and fully optimized.

Cegid (formerly Talentsoft) is the European leader in Cloud-based talent management and learning software. Cegid offers a unique solution for each of your talent management and learning needs. Pipplet will soon be available through the marketplace.

Job applicants are more than resumes. Bring them to life! Get more insight on your candidates' personality and motivation with VisioTalent.

Factorial is a global solution for SMEs that digitalizes and streamlines HR processes using an all-in-one, intuitive platform. Their cloud-based software automates administrative tasks and empowers HR professionals to make better business decisions.

Flatchr is a software that simplifies the management of recruitments by centralizing applications on a single platform.
This easy-to-use tool allows for faster, simpler and more collaborative recruitment.

Jobylon is the modern and flexible talent acquisition platform for employers. Simplify and tailor each stage of the recruiting process by integrating your current workflows and customizing them to handle even the most complex processes within your organization.

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↳ Integrations via Zapier

Beyond native integrations, Pipplet can connect with your recruiting or talent management software in a few clicks, but also with your productivity applications.

How do you do it? By using Zapier. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us!

HR Software and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Workable and Pipplet integration for language assessment right within your HR and recruitment software
recruitee logo zapier and pipplet
Breezy HR
bamboohr logo zapier and pipplet
Bamboo HR
greenhouse logo zapier and pipplet
workday logo zapier and pipplet
zohorecruit logo pipplet and zapier
Zoho Recruit
taleo logo zapier and pipplet
Oracle Taleo

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

moodle logo zapier and pipplet
talentlms logo zapier and pipplet
Talent LMS
skyprep logo zapier and pipplet
canvaslms zapier and pipplet
Canvas LMS

Productivity Apps

google sheets logo zapier and pipplet
Google Sheets
outlook logo zapier and pipplet
dropbox logo zapier and pipplet
google drive logo zapier and pipplet
Google Drive
gmail logo zapier and pipplet
trello logo zapier and pipplet
slack logo zapier and pipplet
airtable logo zapier and pipplet
⚙️ Many other integrations are possible. Do not hesitate to share your needs with us!
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