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Assess the Actual Foreign Language Skills of Your Staff and Candidates

Are you an HR manager in charge of customer service teams? Pipplet allows you to test the level of your candidates and teams in over 40 languages (for chat, e-mail, or phone communications).

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Pipplet Language Assessment Training Leaners

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Identify the best talent in your industry

Test their language abilities
Assess their communication skills
Verify their match with your industry requirements

Pipplet’s pre-employment tests for customer service (CS / CX)

Pipplet Talent AI

Pre-screening test to identify candidates who can work in English. Powered by AI. Instant results.

Customer service industry uses pipplet

● Skills assessed: oral and written skills

● Open-ended questions 
● CS/CX-situations based
● Available in English only

● Test duration: 30 minutes
● AI-powered, instant result
● Evaluation: “Work-ready”, “Not-work-ready” tag

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Written Communication Test

Assessment for customer service agents using primarily instant messaging or email.

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● Skills assessed: written communication (chat, email)

● Insights into CS and CX-oriented soft skills (positive attitude, language register, clarity…)

● Open-ended questions 
● CS/CX-situations based
● Available in over 40 languages

● Test duration: 30 minutes
● Human-powered, result in 24 hours
● Evaluation: CEFR score

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Pipplet Talent

For customer service agents using a variety of methods of communication, oral and written.

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● Skills assessed: listening & reading, speaking & writing

● Open-ended questions
● CS/CX-situations based
● Available in over 40 languages

● Test duration: 30 minutes
● Human-powered, result in 24 hours
● Evaluation: CEFR score

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40 languages in one tool

Our language tests for customer service roles will allow you to equip your teams with qualified multilingual customer service agents.

Assess your candidates in Spanish, Arabic, Russian, English, Japanese, and more.

Assess language skills using real-life scenarios

Be certain your future customer service representatives can respond clearly, effectively, and politely to your clients' concerns by phone, chat, or email.

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A 30-minute test, no appointment needed

Testing languages shouldn't slow down your recruitment process - let us help you recruit quickly! Once you register your candidates in a few clicks, they can take their test anytime, anywhere - no need to program a slot.

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