About Pipplet

Pipplet is the premier online language assessment solution, streamlining the way you assess your job candidates, employees, and learners.

Our web-based application is simple-to-use yet comprehensive: it supports more than 40 languages and enables large-scale assessment of speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills in real-world contexts.

Today, more than 1,500 organizations—companies, institutions, training providers, and schools—rely on Pipplet to simplify their processes for hiring, training, language audits, and professional certifications.

About Pipplet, your partner in assessing language skills
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In 2020, Pipplet joined forces with ETS Global B.V., the international arm of ETS (Educational Testing Service)—the world's largest educational testing and assessment organization. Best known for creating the TOEIC®, TOEFL®, and GRE® tests, ETS has been a champion of equitable learning and professional advancement for over 70 years.

By combining ETS’s established expertise with Pipplet's dedication to digital innovation and language diversity, we deliver robust, accessible, and scalable language testing solutions tailored to meet the varied needs of organizations worldwide.

Our Mission

To eliminate the guesswork and manual work in assessing the language proficiency of your job candidates, employees, and learners

Our Vision

A world where languages serve as gateways—not barriers—to opportunities and growth

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Our People

At the heart of Pipplet is our diverse and dedicated team, committed to fulfilling your language assessment needs. Our team's strength is amplified by a global community of language examiners who meticulously assess our human-graded tests in over 40 languages.

Your Trusted Partner

When you choose Pipplet, you choose value and efficiency.

Equip your team with a cutting-edge tool that streamlines the language assessment process and brings a relevant testing experience for your candidates, employees, and learners.

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Our Journey

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