Quality control

Pipplet Is Committed to Quality

To ensure reliable and relevant assessments, Pipplet continuously monitors and improves its assessment processes, supported by its team of carefully selected language experts.

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A solution known for its level of quality

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From the design of each test to the evaluation of the candidates, Pipplet mobilizes the best experts.

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100 % human evaluation

The Pipplet test is dematerialized for convenience, but is assessed by linguists to guarantee its reliability.

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Since its inception, Pipplet has been built on a culture of verification and improvement, which remain at the core of its solutions.

Quality testing process

Pipplet is committed to diminishing as much as possible the adverse impact of test content on candidates and to reducing bias during evaluation through a series of principles such as a standardized content creation process, neutral topics, inclusive language or anonymized assessments, among others.

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Quality assessment process

Pipplet’s entirely digital platform has a wealth of data, giving us insight into all aspects of the test. This ensures we give you consistent, reliable, and easily understandable results. We use the world-renowned CEFR levels for evaluation.

Quality language examiners

When it comes to testing languages, human examiners offer a level of precision and in-depth analysis that AI currently can’t replicate.

That's why we carefully recruit and select top language examiners to assess all Pipplet tests and monitor them regularly using mystery candidates to ensure fair, consistent and reliable results.

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