The Top 21 Best Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

2024 Edition

Does your company recruit dozens or even hundreds of employees each month? Need to simplify and streamline how it manages and follows up on applications to save time?

Offering multiple functionalities and automating many time-consuming tasks, ATSs (Applicant Tracking Systems) help recruiters and talent acquisition managers rethink their practices—often with significant gains in productivity.

In the United States, most digitalized companies are already using an ATS (99% of Fortune 500 companies were already using one in 2019). On other continents, despite a slight lag, interest is spiking, and across all sectors.

To help you navigate among all the different leading tools on the market and identify the one that best suits your needs, we’ve created the following guide of the best ATS software on the market. You’ll find a description of their interface, key features, strengths, and limitations, as well as their price.

Here’s our comparison of the 21 best ATS software:

  1. Workable
  2. Oracle Recruiting Cloud
  3. Zoho Recruit
  4. Workday Talent Acquisition
  5. Freshteam
  6. BambooHR
  7. Breezy HR
  8. iSmartRecruit
  9. Greenhouse
  10. SmartRecruiters
  11. ICIMS Recruit
  12. Avature
  13. Beetween
  14. Recruit CRM
  15. Cegid Talentsoft
  16. Recruitee
  17. Oracle Taleo
  18. Jobsoid
  19. Flatchr
  20. Taleez
  21. Jobaffinity

1. Workable

An easily accessible platform to recruit the best candidates more quickly.

Workable is an online platform that allows you to track and manage all your candidates. It’s suitable for all types of companies: SMEs, Midcaps, and large accounts.

With Workable, easily post jobs, schedule interviews, and make the best selections. The platform helps your recruiters ensure better pipeline management through an intuitive interface while making team collaboration more fluid.

This recruitment platform is accessible from the cloud, on computer and mobile devices.

Key features:

  • roles and access rights for various HR team members
  • synchronization with different email accounts and calendars
  • centralized management of hiring and approval of applications
  • grouped and automated communication with candidates 
  • 700+ integrated and customized job descriptions


  • higher pricing (see below)
  • lack of personalization for links, emails, offers, or reports
  • not well adapted to start-ups


  • by subscription: from €250 per month
  • for occasional use: €129 per job

2. Oracle Recruiting Cloud

Boasted by over 1,000 employers, Oracle Recruiting Cloud is known for its implementation and its CS.

Oracle Recruiting Cloud is a great solution for high volume hiring

By utilising adaptive intelligence and a user-friendly mobile interface, the Oracle Recruiting module supports recruiters in sourcing top talent and facilitating their efficient onboarding.

This feature enables recruiters to create branded career pages, conduct targeted customer relationship management (CRM) campaigns, and monitor hiring metrics with ease.

Key features:

  • Fully integrated into the Oracle cloud
  • Consistent look and feel
  • Adaptive insights and chatbots to help improve candidate experience
  • Comprehensive career page


  • Some features are only available via pre-built third-party integration.
  • Some features are not intuitive and require a learning phase

Pricing: from $10 per employee per month

3. Zoho Recruit

The ATS solution is designed for recruitment agencies, corporate HR, and temporary staff.

To hire better talent, Zoho Recruit helps track applications and streamline the overall recruiting process.

From research to interviews to resume tracking, the all-in-one system saves time and makes hiring more efficient.

Key features:

  • instant talent search with the source booster tool
  • ability to conduct background checks on applicants
  • rapid dispatch to candidates of customized offer templates
  • pre-screening assessments to evaluate the skills of candidates
  • customizable career page for employer branding


  • user interface can sometimes be perplexing to handle
  • good service/price ratio
  • unresponsive customer service
  • lack of candidate screening functionality

Pricing: from €30 per month and per user

4. Workday Talent Acquisition

A unique tool for effectively managing the acquisition of new talent.

Workday Talent Acquisition is a cloud-based platform that provides planning, analysis, and execution tools to improve the recruiting process for HR departments.

Workday Talent Acquisition provides innovative talent management through a seamless candidate experience and improved collaboration of the recruiting team.

Key features:

  • collaborative post-interview exchange via Teams and Slack
  • Job recommendation by candidate based on their skills using advanced machine learning
  • Automated candidate search campaigns: Workday Candidate Engagement
  • customization of workspaces, job postings and landing pages
  • creation of career sites and integration of videos on job offers


  • cumbersome implementation of the tool
  • response time of some features sometimes slow
  • too many notifications and automatic emails sent to teams
  • navigation not very flexible and not very intuitive

Pricing: quotes available

5. Freshteam

An intelligent platform for candidate tracking for growing companies.

Whether it's for applicant tracking or employee data management, Freshteam allows you to centralize HR processes on a single platform. It's a complete tool to dematerialize all the workflows of the recruitment and HR teams.

Key features:

  • 100+ job templates to customize
  • assignment of job offers within the recruitment team
  • creation and management of job offers
  • defined and personalized access for each user


  • too high a price for small businesses
  • complex handling
  • pages slow to load

Pricing: from €71 per month (+ €1.20 per user on the platform)

6. BambooHR

A simple and easy to integrate ATS to manage your hiring.

BambooHR offers organized application tracking software to recruit more efficiently and free up your recruiters' time.

Easy to use, it allows you to assist in the analysis and selection of candidates.

BambooHR streamlines communication with your candidates and improves/modernizes your recruitment process, right through to the integration of new talent.

Key features:

  • centralization and synchronization of collected data
  • accessibility on computers and mobiles
  • ease of collaborative sharing of comments, suggestions, or recommendations 
  • Customizable and automatically pre-filled job templates
  • automatic alerts and integrated messaging


  • too little customization
  • too few integrations and options
  • inflexible functionality

Pricing: €99 per month per user

7. Breezy HR

ATS software designed to optimize your team’s productivity.

Breezy HR’s streamlined selection process allows you to compare and  qualify your candidates faster.

You can then focus your efforts on follow-up communication with candidates to structure relevant pipelines.

The platform is available instantly from anywhere via the mobile app. 

Key features:

  • personalized interview guides
  • “drag and drop” functionality for pipeline management and organization
  • self-scheduling of interviews by candidates at their convenience
  • automatic display of CV and notes during video interviews
  • 800+ recruitment templates 


  • high fees (see below)
  • too few filters available on the mobile application
  • unintuitive workflows
  • sometimes inconsistent reports
  • sometimes long response time (customer service only available during US business hours)
  • trial version (free) very limited in terms of features

Pricing: from €156 on a monthly basis

8. iSmartRecruit

Hiring partner for a seamless recruitment experience with 2000+ happy customers.

iSmartRecruit ATS Review

iSmartRecruit Applicant Tracking System empowers you to source, track, and hire top talent seamlessly with its advanced features, intelligent automation, and user-friendly interface. It will streamline your recruitment workflow, enhance collaboration, and make data-driven decisions.

iSmartRecruit enables you to elevate your hiring process.

Key features:

  • Online skills assessment tools
  • AI-based candidate matching
  • Recruitment Chatbot - 24x7 support
  • Candidate onboarding
  • Social Recruiting - easy and efficient job advertising
  • Resume parsing and management system
  • Video Interview tools


  • No free plans
  • Requires a little time for the customization

Pricing: quotes available 

9. Greenhouse

The platform designed to anticipate your future hiring needs.

Greenhouse aims to improve the recruitment process and assist in the selection of your future talent to anticipate your company's evolution. Through technology, this tool allows you to automate the various aspects of your recruitment process in order to build a solid talent pool.

Key features:

  • simplified and secure user access management
  • customizable email templates
  • shared assessments
  • collaborative approvals of offers and jobs 
  • automated surveys to evaluate the candidate experience


  • reports not customizable enough 
  • integration settings too complex, lack of resources and tutorials
  • lack of automation (too many redundant manual tasks)
  • malfunctioning of the search for similar candidates by CV matching 
  • malfunction of the multi-maintenance synchronization (in the calendar) 
  • constant UX updates, which can make navigation difficult 

Pricing: quotes available 

10. SmartRecruiters

A full-featured ATS that frees you from repetitive manual tasks.

For small and large organizations, the SmartRecruiters recruitment system offers a suite of tools to attract, select, and recruit the right talent.

Based on a collaborative ecosystem, the platform allows managers to be involved in the follow-up of applications.

Key features:

  • centralized integration with job boards
  • multiple collaborative tools to track applications
  • 24/7 customer service
  • integration with over 370 partner tools


  • complicated integrations and configurations to set up
  • lack of traceability of the origin of the applications

Pricing: quotes available

11. iCIMS Recruit

A complete platform for following the evolution of applications in real time.

Adapted to all sizes of companies, the iCIMS suite allows you to track candidates and obtain a global vision of the recruitment process.

ICIMS includes several advanced AI tools that make it easier to match candidates with job offers and to communicate with pre-screened candidates.

Key features:

  • automated pre-selection of the most relevant resumes
  • centralization of the recruitment process in one place: sending messages, organizing interviews, collaboration, and more
  • automation of job posting on 100+ job boards
  • application available on PC and mobile to facilitate access to candidates


  • lack of attractiveness of the interface (design)
  • sometimes complex to use (many features, robust reports...)
  • infinite configurations that can be daunting

Pricing: quotes available

12. Avature

The ideal tool for engaging new talent on a single platform.

Avature is an innovative tool adapted to the specific needs of large companies in all sectors. Its dashboard offers increased visibility and control over the follow-up of applications. Instantly accessible, the Avature Recruiter mobile application allows stakeholders to perform various actions on the move, even without an Internet connection.  

Key features:

  • personalized offer templates, automatically generated according to the profile
  • automated assessment of candidates through weighted questions
  • powerful algorithms for searching and ranking candidates
  • video on demand interviews, integrated to the platform (Avature Video Interviews)


  • complex, not too intuitive interface
  • lack of adaptability and integration
  • low-level artificial intelligence 

Pricing: quotes available

13. Beetween

A platform accessible to companies of all sizes to easily accelerate their recruitment process.

Beetween is an HR tool that makes it possible to dematerialize the entire recruitment process to hire more easily. It is a modular platform that offers numerous functionalities such as recruitment analysis and talent pool management. Designed by recruiters, the tool easily adapts to the structure of each company, regardless of the sector of activity.

Key features: 

  • personalized acknowledgements of receipt for each application
  • collaborative recruitment management
  • personalized guidance
  • automated candidate pre-selection (parsing and matching of CVs)


  • interface’s lack of aesthetics
  • no free trial

Pricing: quotes available

14. Recruit CRM

Highest-rated ATS + CRM for seamless and simplified recruitment.

Recruit CRM is the most user-friendly applicant tracking system and CRM designed for recruitment agencies of all sizes. Its clean and simplistic UI ensures smooth navigation and provides insightful visual reports to make number crunching easy. With a hands-on, 24/7 customer support team, you can expect top-notch, personalised workflow assistance. As the highest-rated recruitment software on all major review sites, it stands out among all competitors.

Key features:

  • Integration with 5000+ apps
  • 100% customizable 
  • Chrome candidate sourcing extension
  • Comprehensive candidate and client management features
  • Mobile app for on-the-go recruitment


  • May lack advanced features for larger enterprises

Pricing: Quotes available

15. Cegid Talentsoft

A European ATS for application management.

Cegid Talensoft is cloud-based talent management software that aims to improve collaborative recruitment. Its approach focused on the candidate relationship allows to identify the best candidates and to build a relevant talent pool.

Deployed in more than 100 countries, Cegid Talentsoft is an adaptive tool that’s widely used in medium and large companies.

Key features:

  • customizable career site with employer brand
  • collaborative talent search between the HR team and managers 
  • rapid publication of new job offers
  • personalized onboarding path for each new talent
  • portal facilitating collaboration with recruitment agencies


  • platform not intuitive enough (training required)
  • time-consuming workflow settings
  • lack of automation

Pricing: quotes available

16. Recruitee

The collaborative recruitment software designed for teamwork.

Recruitee’s ATS software is focused on interacting with talent and recruiting faster.

By automating your recruitment process, providing sourcing and co-opting tools, Recruitee allows you to find and hire the best talents faster.

Key features:

  • permissions and roles assigned to each of your team members
  • simultaneous publication on several job boards
  • scheduling links to simplify appointment scheduling
  • integrated electronic signatures
  • dedicated career space to promote the employer brand


  • very limited trial version in terms of features
  • the user interface and navigation can be difficult to get used to
  • could be more customizable

Pricing: starts at €99.

17. Oracle Taleo

Oracle’s answer for hiring and managing top talent.

Oracle Taleo recruiting tool enables more candidates to be processed and new, high-performing talent to be recruited more quickly. The user experience has been optimized for candidates, recruiters, and managers.

SMEs and large companies mainly rely on this tool.

Key features:

  • available on PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • personalized career site
  • automated digital assistant to answer candidates' questions
  • exclusive integrations with LinkedIn


  • limited functionality for searching and screening candidates
  • dysfunctional social media sharing option
  • unintuitive use of the platform, complex reports
  • outdated user interface
  • skimpy customization

Pricing: quotes available

18. Jobsoid

A simple ATS solution for attracting and engaging top talents.

Jobsoid is an ATS that simplifies every step of the recruitment process for companies, from searching for potential profiles to hiring the right candidate.

By automatically filtering applications and suggesting suitable profiles, Jobsoid saves recruiters and HR teams a lot of time.

Key features:

  • branded website customization
  • email and SMS templates
  • multi-posting to 20+ job boards
  • intuitive pipeline and workflow
  • task assignment and comments facilitate collaboration within the team
  • interview scheduling integrated into the platform


  • limited interface customization when using API integration
  • reports sometimes lack depth
  • getting started with the tool can be long and complex


  • subscription from €47 per month (annual billing)
  • free 14-day trial

19. Flatchr

Simplified recruitment software to optimize the processing and follow-up of applications.

Flatchr simplifies how you manage applications by centralizing them on a single platform. All-in-one software, Flatchr allows you to quickly sort through piles of resumes, automate email and SMS sending, and facilitate appointment scheduling.

Key features:

  • automatic communication via email and SMS
  • centralization of CVs and applications on a single dashboard
  • candidate management via the Kanban model
  • access to managers and operational staff


  • limitation of the number of job offers that can be published
  • limited integrations

Pricing: starts at €49 and per user

20. Taleez

A collaborative solution for centralizing and tracking applications’ progress.

The main mission of Taleez is to centralize all applications into an all-in-one collaborative tool. Designed for SMEs, startups, and ETIs in all sectors, this software offers the possibility to clearly follow progress with each recruitment mission.

Taleez is meant to be collaborative by allowing your employees to stay involved in the evaluation process and decision making.

Key features:

  • customization of the workflow for each offer
  • sharing offers on social networks 
  • automatic, customizable emails to notify candidates
  • clear and intuitive dashboards


  • manual import of CVs
  • lack of a filter to determine the availability of candidates by several geographical areas

Pricing: from €99 per month 

21. Jobaffinity

Revolutionize your recruitment processes with Jobaffinity, your indispensable ally for high-performance, tailor-made recruitment!

Jobaffinity ATS Revew

Designed by Intuition Software, Jobaffinity is an agile solution that facilitates and automates application tracking management, saving valuable time. With its intuitive functionalities, it is ideally suited to a wide range of recruiters, from recruitment agencies to SMEs and large corporations.

Key features:

  • Personalized support: FAQ, video tutorials, onboarding, support
  • Quick set-up
  • Integration with existing HR systems


  • No free version available
  • Backend only supports English and French

Pricing: from €80 per month 

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