The Top 7 Best Culture and Personality Tests for Recruitment

2024 Edition

Looking for a digital tool that allows you to evaluate whether your candidates are the right cultural fit before you hire them?

Would it be helpful to get an idea of your future employees' personality types?

For each company, having a strong culture that all your employees can embrace is a huge advantage in today's market. It allows you to differentiate yourself, attract better people, and keep your employees engaged. Indeed, your business culture fosters the beliefs and behaviors that determine the way employees and management interact and manage exchanges with the outside world. All these elements play an important role not only in the effectiveness of your teams, but also in your company's success.

All this proves why it's essential to assess your candidates' ability to integrate into their future team. This allows you to anticipate their behavior within your work environment—and to maximize their chances of feeling at ease.

In practice, culture and personality tests assess several characteristics, including:

  • individual attitudes and values
  • motivations and aspirations
  • formed habits
  • compatibility between your vision and those of your recruits

However, as you can imagine, there are many online culture and personality tests available! Below, we've compiled the best solutions for companies to help you identify the solution that best suits your company's needs. You'll find a brief description of their interface, key features, strengths, and limitations, as well as their pricing.

Discover our comparison of the seven best culture and personality tests for recruitment:

  1. TestGorilla
  2. Harver
  3. HireSuccess
  4. High Match
  5. Criteria
  6. Clevry
  7. Maki

1. TestGorilla

Quick and complementary tests to evaluate personality traits.

TestGorilla offers a wide range of pre-employment assessments, including five tests to evaluate the cultural compatibility and personality of your candidates. Overall, they allow us to draw a portrait of the personality points and to evaluate the cultural compatibility with your organization through theoretical models developed in psychology: Big 5 OCEAN, Enneagram, 16 types, or DISC.

Key features:

  • 100% digital tests, each lasting 10 minutes
  • use of recognized psychological structures
  • invitations sent from TestGorilla, your applicant tracking system (ATS), or by unique link
  • several tests available that complement each other
  • quick to set up and very easy to use


  • fairly generic results
  • hidden fees and ambiguous pricing
  • lack of personalization of invitation emails

€21 euros/month and more (with a subscription)

2. Harver

An assessment to find out what really matters to your candidates in the workplace.

Harver's Cultural Fit Test compares the expectations of your candidates in the workplace with those of your organization, and assesses the congruence of a potential candidate's values, behaviors, and goals with your organization prior to hiring.

Key features:

  • recognized common evaluation model: Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI)
  • simple and fun test
  • clear data divided into four types of organizational cultures


  • the platform can be complicated to understand
  • no mobile application

Price: upon request


3. Hire Success

Personality tests to recruit candidates with advanced team spirit.

To discover the personality behind a profile's resume, HireSuccess offers to assess strengths, weaknesses, work ethic, and values before interviewers meet with them.

These tests are designed to help you identify the traits you feel are important for a particular job.

Key features:

  • assessment of stress response and compatibility with the work team
  • relevant descriptive adjectives to compare different candidates
  • good customer service
  • 10-minute test with immediate results
  • easy to use and intuitive interface


  • lack of criteria to compare and sort candidates

Price: upon request (based on hiring volume)

4. HighMatch

A solution to analyze the work ethic of your candidates and anticipate their behavior. 

HighMatch measures a candidate's personality traits and problem-solving abilities and then compares them to benchmarks customized for your company. The tests provide an easy-to-understand job fit score and an interview guide tailored to each candidate, making it easy to select the best profile to hire.

Key features:

  • measurement of seven personality traits
  • customizable tests based on expected job performance
  • HighMatch job-fit score
  • intuitive mobile application
  • ranking, filtering, and accurate scoring of candidates


  • sometimes confusing results
  • some difficulties for the integration with some ATS like BambooHR
  • lack of modernity of the platform

Price: upon request (based on company size)


5. Criteria

Assessments to understand the work style and behavioral tendencies of your candidates.

With a comprehensive portfolio of tests, Criteria offers the ability to reveal information on multiple dimensions of a profile. The Criteria personality test can be used to measure workplace preferences and business or customer service compatibility, for example.

Key features:

  • mobile-friendly
  • rapid and predictive testing experience
  • gamification of assessments
  • tests based on strict scientific standards in psychology
  • content of industry-specific assessments


  • questions that are sometimes not very precise for certain trades
  • customization of tests sometimes risky
  • unattractive appearance of custom tests
  • few customization options for reports

Price: upon request

6. Clevry

Additional assessments to identify the personality profile of your candidates.

Clevry offers a portfolio of nine tests that provide insight into how candidates work, how they approach a problematic situation, what motivates them and what generates their emotional reactions.

For example, the Culture Fit test assesses several personality traits, including authority, humor, loyalty, work ethic and intelligence.

Key features:

  • personality tests customization
  • complete exploration of the personality profile
  • selection reports for the suitability of a candidate for a given position
  • suggested open-ended questions for a potential competency-based interview
  • overview of the candidates' strengths and weaknesses


  • several tests and reports that look the same
  • rigid offers and very high prices (see below)


  • starts at €1,800 per year (total rate based on company size) with access to all features and an unlimited number of candidates


7. Maki

A library of tests designed to analyze in detail the personality of applicants.

Maki offers seven advanced personality tests including Big Five, 16 types, Enneagram, DISC and CISDAG. Assessments last on average 10 minutes (or have no time limit). The objective of these tests is to quickly identify if a profile corresponds to the expectations of the position in question by measuring the perception of the work environment, the management of emotions or the type of behavior in professional situations.

Key features:

  • a complete range of tests to assess all personality traits
  • 20+ ATS integrations
  • customizable tests
  • a single view to compare candidates' results
  • 15-day free trial


  • poorly detailed reports 

Price: starts at €39 per month for 100 assessments per year

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