The Top 5 Best Employee Background Check Solutions

2024 Edition

In today's competitive job market, finding the right talent for your company is more important than ever. As a result, conducting comprehensive background checks on potential employees is critical to ensure that you're making informed decisions and hiring the right people for the job.

Fortunately, technology has made it easier than ever before to conduct background checks quickly and efficiently.

There are now a variety of employee background check software options available on the market, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Whether you're a small business owner or part of a large organization, finding the right background check software can help streamline your hiring process and save you time and money.

In this article, we will be discussing the best employee background check software available. We'll explore the features and benefits of each option, as well as any potential drawbacks.

Here’s our comparison of the 5 best employee background check solutions (March 2023 edition):

  • Checkr
  • HireRight
  • VerifiedFirst
  • Certn
  • GoodHire

1. Checkr

Innovative background screening technology at your fingertips

Use machine learning to screen the background of your employees

Checkr is using advanced technology, including machine learning, to create a user-friendly interface for their platform that simplifies the hiring process for both HR and job seekers. This approach has attracted high-profile companies such as Uber, Warby Parker, and Instacart to use their services.

Checkr is committed to promoting fair hiring practices and achieves this goal by utilizing innovative background screening technology. This technology allows Checkr to generate concise and useful results quickly. Not only does Checkr comply with the FCRA, but it also provides comprehensive information about the candidate's background status.

Key features:

  • Criminal records check
  • Driver and MVR
  • Drug and health testing
  • Verification checks
  • Civil searches


  • Slow customer service
  • In some cases, the timeline of the check is not respected


  • Quote available on demand

2. HireRight

Background checks on a global scale

Check your employee's background, globally

With over 40,000 customers, including nearly half of the Fortune 100 companies, HireRight's unique selling point is its global reach. The platform offers both international and local screening features, making it a comprehensive solution for screening candidates worldwide. While supporting background checks in over 200 countries, it truly is a one stop solution for background checks for global enterprises. 

Key features:

  • Criminal records checks
  • Employment history check & verification
  • Pre-employment credit checks
  • Academic & education verification
  • Identity document checking
  • Employment qualification & membership checking
  • Financial conduct regulatory checks
  • Director background checks
  • Global screening


  • Slow turnaround
  • Integration issues with some ATSs

Pricing: Quotes available on demand

3. VerifiedFirst

A complete solution for HR teams to measure and improve engagement, performance, and retention

A complete solution for background check for HR

VerifiedFirst has created a user-friendly background check product that streamlines the hiring process for recruitment teams. By integrating a Chrome extension with the ATS, teams can request checks seamlessly without logging in to an additional tool. Similarly, employees can complete the background check process easily from their smartphones without the need for creating a login.

Key features:

  • Integration to ATSs
  • Real-time tracking
  • No need for logging in


  • Some processes are more manual than others
  • Inter-state checks can take more documents to process

Pricing: VerifiedFirst tailors their pricing based on the number of checks that you conduct or the number of hires. Quotes available on demand.

4. Certn

Background check in record time with competitive pricing

Certn can deliver quick background checks!

Certn's user-friendly interface is designed to streamline the hiring process and can significantly reduce the time it takes to hire by up to 80%. The screening process typically takes only about 15 minutes for job seekers to complete. Additionally, Certn's platform can handle international hiring and can efficiently verify country-specific documents.

Key features:

  • Global capabilities 
  • Results in 15 minutes


  • Admin dashboard is not well designed and maintained, unable to export receipts
  • API fees can be high in some cases

Pricing: Pricing varies depending on the type and number of background checks. Low volume packages include up to 100 checks annually and start at $10. High volume packages include more than 100 checks annually.

5. GoodHire

A simple solution for background checks, customizable to your needs

GoodHire has a simple and intuitive solution for your background check needs

GoodHire, a company known for its simple approach, prioritizes technology and strives to provide a pleasant user experience. The company is highly adaptable and has the ability to perform criminal background checks in under a minute.

GoodHire offers its background check platform to more than 80,000 companies. HR teams can use the platform for quick and simple screenings, or they can utilize its API to create more customized workflows that include various types of screenings such as criminal, drug, driving, and credit checks.

Key features: 

  • Easy to use and fast set-up
  • Many integration options with ATSs
  • Easy to manually add applicants as well


  • Limited customizations
  • Slow turnaround in some cases


Each of GoodHire’s screening services is priced separately at a flat fee for employers that conduct 25 or fewer checks a year. For employers that conduct more than 25 checks a year, custom pricing can be provided by GoodHire’s sales team

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