The Top 10 Best Job Boards for Recruiters

2022 Edition

If you’re a recruiter or director of human resources, optimizing your recruitment process—from sourcing all the way to hiring—is a constant, never-ending challenge!

To reach the best candidates and receive the right applications, you’ll naturally want to publish your ads on the best job boards.

That's why this insight into the best job boards will save you time.

Depending on your needs, one or more solutions may exist. Some sites allow you to reach a larger audience, many offer free trials, and yet others are accessible via mobile apps. Additional services are also sometimes offered such as candidate tracking, résumé analysis, and candidate comparisons.

To help you identify the solution that best suits your needs, we’ve compiled this list of the best tools for businesses.

Here, you’ll find descriptions for how they work as well as key features, strengths, limitations, and pricing.

Check out our comparison of the 10 best job boards for recruiters below:

  1. Indeed
  2. Glassdoor
  3. LinkedIn Recruiter
  4. Monster
  5. ZipRecruiter
  6. Google for jobs
  7. CareerBuilder
  8. Craigslist
  9. Ladders
  10. Snagajob

Our goal: to help you find the platform that will allow you to reach the right candidates and receive the most relevant applications. Let's get started!

1. Indeed

The largest job site to announce jobs on a big scale

Indeed has approximately 250 million monthly users. Its huge reach allows it to publish ads in all sectors of activity and at all levels of experience, for every type of contract (permanent, temporary, seasonal, internship, and more).

On the recruiters' side, the platform allows them to perform specific searches by job title, salary, or publication date in order to stay informed about available competing offers.

Key features:

  • personalized company page 
  • publication of free or sponsored ads
  • screening of candidates and scheduling of interviews 
  • Connecting you with the most qualified candidates
  • statistics by job offer on a single dashboard


  • many competing ads for the same type of position
  • to gain visibility and stand out, sponsoring the ad is often necessary

Pricing: free; with paid plans starting at €150 per month

2. Glassdoor

An all-in-one employer branding site that allows you to post jobs, list employee reviews, and compare salaries throughout each market

Belonging, like Indeed, to the Recruit Holding Co. Ltd, Glassdoor relays on its web pages all the job offers present on Indeed.

But Glassdoor's uniqueness lies elsewhere. It offers each company a candidate page on which employees who work or have worked there can post a review, commenting on the quality of management, salary levels, or the fairness of the recruitment process. This makes Glassdoor the "employer brand" platform par excellence. Each company can maintain its own reputation.

Attracting nearly 55 million unique visitors per month, Glassdoor touts a large pool of potential candidates.

Key features:

  • seven-day free trial for posting job openings
  • detailed description of skills and qualifications desired
  • reviews of résumés, message delivery to candidates, and scheduling of interviews
  • employer branding portal to promote the company culture
  • guaranteed authenticity of evaluations
  • salary transparency 


  • many competing ads, redundant with Indeed
  • employer brand subject to the opinions received (sometimes with bias)
  • little information on candidates' profiles

Rates: starting at €199 per month for a premium account

3. LinkedIn Recruiter

The recruitment solution offered by the world's number one professional social network

LinkedIn is the most well-known professional social network, but it's also a popular site where HR hunts for top talent. Recruiters can choose between two packages, LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. With over 750 million users, LinkedIn Recruiter offers a rich and highly qualified talent pool.

LinkedIn attracts executives and professionals from all industries. The platform allows you to easily target the most qualified candidates based on your search criteria. 

Key features:

  • personalized InMails for reaching top talent
  • priority contact with qualified professionals
  • priority ranking system for applicants 
  • advanced filtering to search for candidates with specific criteria
  • more than 130 ad templates to publish new offers
  • sponsored ads to increase your visibility
  • background checks on applicants


  • publication of offers only on LinkedIn
  • strong competition between employers due to the number of users
  • each ad is charged per click in addition to a daily commission for publication
  • high fees (see below)

Pricing: from $239/month for Recruiter Lite, and $899/month for LinkedIn Recruiter

4. Monster

An advertising platform to attract candidates from all sectors

Attracting millions of visitors per month, Monster is one of the leading job boards. There’s a fee for recruiters to post jobs, and several rates are available depending on the number of jobs, additional features selected, and the length of time you post. 

Monster offers candidate management tools as well as analysis of each job posting. Not specialized, the platform attracts candidates from all sectors, and all types of contracts are available.

Key features:

  • mobile-optimized interface
  • free four-day trial
  • possibility to pay per click on the ad
  • sample job descriptions
  • degressive rate according to the number of ads published
  • distribution on the platform, by email, and on partner sites


  • paid publications after the free trial
  • few filters for the search
  • fairly high price (see below)

Rates: from €375 for the publication of an offer over 30 days, or €399 over 60 days

5. ZipRecruiter

A smart platform to increase your ads’ reach

ZipRecruiter is one of the non-specialized platforms, attracting candidates from all sectors. Only available for now to employers in the U.S. and the U.K., this job board allows HR departments to post jobs on several partner sites, beyond the ZipRecruiter platform.

Relying on artificial intelligence to connect recruiters with the right candidates, ZipRecruiter touts over 30 million job seekers in its database. 

Key features:

  • efficient mobile app
  • creation and publication of ads on more than 100 job boards
  • easy integration with most applicant tracking systems
  • management and ranking of applications based on specific qualifications


  • complex interface navigation
  • frequent less-qualified partner sites 
  • additional fees for each additional option
  • lack of possibility to temporarily suspend an ad
  • irrelevant emails

Rate: starting at €249 per month

6. Google for Jobs

Google's tool for broadcasting your job listings worldwide

Google for Jobs is a free service that uses AI and machine learning to extend the visibility of job listings by displaying them in Google search results. This feature helps job seekers find relevant listings directly in their Google search results.

You can also integrate Google Jobs from the job page of your site so that they automatically appear in the search results afterwards.

Key features:

  • free services
  • increased visibility for your ads
  • simple integration with applicant tracking system and company career pages
  • tracking for click counts from Google Jobs ads via Google Analytics


  • no sponsored ads to increase the visibility of your ad
  • no résumé database accessible to recruiters

Rate: completely free

7. CareerBuilder

An international job site tailored to U.S. American, Asian, and Canadian employers.

CareerBuilder is a global job board that also publishes and relays job postings to media partners and industry sites. CareerBuilder offers several services such as access to its candidate database, marketing tools, and resources to help companies find, manage, and hire the most qualified candidates.

In particular, it helps employers hire candidates in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Canada.

Key features:

  • data analysis for each job published
  • large accessible CV database: over 140 million candidates
  • mobile app
  • possibility to relay job offers on Google and Facebook
  • personalized rating, sorting, and feedback on job candidates


  • no free account or trial
  • display of résumés limited according to the chosen subscription

Rate : from €350 per month

8. Craigslist

A local recruitment solution for U.S. employers

Craigslist is one of the most popular job boards in the world. Millions of jobs are posted each year in hundreds of different cities. It is used extensively throughout North America and attracts general labor and office workers in particular.

Craigslist runs classified ads that attract large volumes of applicants.

Key features:

  • optimized for local talent or freelancers
  • candidates contact you through the channel of their choice
  • download and consultation of CVs
  • search by city or region
  • attractive pricing
  • ease of use


  • not well suited for management positions
  • inability to publish nationwide ads
  • many suspicious or dubious ads degrade the reputation of the platform

Rate: between €10 and €75 per ad depending on the location

9. Ladders

The exclusive recruitment platform for highly qualified candidates

Ladders is a job board that connects Canadian and American employers with highly qualified professionals in the €100,000+ salary range. The platform averages 4 million unique visitors per month and 240,000 job listings. Ladders' candidates are typically senior executives and business leaders with superior potential.

Ladders offers employers a variety of resources with each job posting, including numerical analyses.

Key features:

  • Sorting of candidates according to specific criteria (sector of activity, location, experience, and desired salary)
  • algorithms and advanced technology
  • Pre-interview questions to obtain more information about the candidate
  • free and paid job offers
  • highly qualified and experienced candidates
  • posting résumés, sending emails, and saving searches


  • the free account offers limited functionality
  • ads only for USA and Canada
  • candidate contact information is available exclusively for paying accounts
  • the promotion of ads requires additional fees

Price: free (limited functionality) or €500 per month

10. Snagajob

The recruitment solution for low-skilled, hourly-paid jobs.

Snagajob is an online job search platform focused on hourly and temp jobs. It is one of the leading hourly job platforms in the United States.

With Snagajob, employers can post jobs, track candidates, conduct online interviews and hire the most qualified candidate. The platform allows employers to create targeted campaigns and pay only for results through a pay-for-performance model. 

Key features:

  • creation of a personalized career site
  • work schedule planning
  • screening of candidates by location and level of expertise
  • online interviews on the platform
  • mobile app
  • integrated ATS solution


  • few jobs available outside the sales sector 
  • poor responsiveness from customer service (according to customer reviews)

Rate : from 89 € per month

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