The Top 13 Best Learning Management Software (LMS)

2024 Edition

Do you need to better manage your teams' regular training?

Are you looking for a digital solution to manage distance learning content throughout your company?

This is what numerous LMSs (learning management systems) offer. Accessible from anywhere and at any time, LMS platforms are revolutionizing online training management and tracking.

They bring together key features in one place, including:

  • educational content structured by course
  • educational activities that combine written content, videos, and interactive modules
  • management and controlled access to digital resources
  • community management features
  • administrative management of associated documents

For the past decade, these solutions have become extremely successful, and for good reasons: e-learning takes 40 to 60% less time than traditional training and is often more effective. In fact, studies show that with an LMS, the training your employees receive has almost twice the impact (sources: Finances online, Software advice).

To help you sort your way through all the available solutions and identify the LMS platform that best suits your needs, we've collected the best LMS software for businesses. Here you'll find descriptions of their interfaces, key features, strengths, and limitations—as well as their price.

Discover our comparison below of the 11 best LMSs:

  1. 360Learning
  2. TalentLMS
  3. Absorb LMS
  4. Skyprep
  5. iSpring Learn
  6. Adobe Captivate Prime
  7. D2L Brightspace
  8. Trakstar Learn (formerly Mindflash)
  9. Canvas LMS
  10. Docebo
  11. Cornerstone
  12. Tovuti LMS
  13. Moodle

1. 360Learning

An LMS platform dedicated to collaborative learning

Through its collaborative approach, 360Learning enables companies to quickly create and publish online training modules through contributions from their own internal business experts.

The platform simplifies knowledge sharing and increases the accessibility of training projects to all teams wishing to upgrade their skills.

Key features:

  • a single interface for project tracking: templates, status, detailed plan, review, and distribution
  • team co-creation: an intuitive editor, video recording, evaluation questionnaires, and corrections
  • learner involvement: they can report their own training needs
  • authoring tools: contributions to training modules from employees who have knowledge to pass on
  • engaging learner experience: forums, discussion threads, animations, trophies, and rankings
  • dedicated mobile app for instant updates


  • occasionally complex navigation
  • compatibility issues with tools such as Genially or Prezi
  • frequent updates that can disrupt the user experience
  • time-consuming learning curve
  • mobile version less complete than the PC version (lack of authoring and proofreading tools, for example)

Rate: starting at €8 per user per month

2. TalentLMS

An attractive and affordable solution for the training needs of large teams

TalentLMS provides an engaging training experience for learners.

The courses are ready to use and available on the TalentLibrary. Cooking up new courses from scratch is made easy by dragging and dropping videos, presentations, and documents.

Key features:

  • easy user access from any device
  • rapid deployment of newly created courses
  • customization of the platform according to the brand image
  • multilingual interface
  • course modules for soft skills
  • organization of training sessions by invitation
  • creation of questionnaires, tests, assignments, and surveys


  • tedious certification management
  • lack of navigational clarity
  • limited customization on course pages
  • limited offline mode

Price: starting at €85 per month (up to 40 users)

3. Absorb LMS

Flexible software designed for autonomous learning management

Absorb LMS is a cloud-based tool that touts a high degree of autonomy and adapts to how companies evolve. Collaborative learning tools are available to better engage learners in their training modules and thus improve completion rates.

Key features:

  • customization of dashboards for immediate access to essential data
  • drag-and-drop function to integrate numerous widgets (course registration, connections, reports...)
  • automation of daily administrative tasks
  • customizable interface with your brand image
  • mobile application available
  • content library that offers thousands of pre-defined online courses


  • unresponsive customer service
  • too many features and updates
  • lack of API integrations
  • unintuitive administration functions
  • lack of customization

Price: quotes available

4. Skyprep

A tool to automate any aspect of your employee training

Skyprep allows you to create digital courses and tests in a matter of minutes. This easy-to-use platform offers the possibility to upload existing content and create questionnaires, but also follow employee progress through precise reports.

Key features:

  • download videos, PowerPoints, Word, Excel, PDFs, and more
  • self-assessments in a variety of formats
  • email and dashboard notifications
  • management of user access
  • customization with your brand colors
  • awarding of certificates for learners upon completion of the course


  • sometimes incomplete and inflexible reports
  • lack of gamification: challenges, games, rankings...
  • relatively high pricing

Rate: from €188 per month


5. iSpring Learn

A platform to create and follow the training of your teams internally

iSpring Learn is an LMS that allows you to upload training materials, integrate learners and evaluate their progress.
It is possible to design various formats such as presentations, quizzes, videos, dialogue simulations or webinars. 

Key features:

  • access from any device
  • real-time monitoring of learners' progress
  • online tests and self-assessments
  • integration module for new employees
  • customization with your company colors
  • training certificates and reports issued automatically at the end of the course


  • lack of notifications (e.g., to announce the publication of a new course)
  • interface sometimes counter intuitive

Price: from €3.39 per user per month (up to 100 users)

6. Adobe Captivate Prime

A complete and modern learning platform adapted to the needs of each learner.

Adobe Captivate Prime offers personalized learning experiences for your employees, customers, or partners.

This LMS solution makes it easy to anchor learning within other enterprise platforms through a robust API.

Key features:

  • AI-based recommendations to provide a personalized homepage for each learner
  • out-of-the-box integrations with platforms such as Adobe Experience Manager or Marketo Engage
  • over 250 courses initially available on the platform
  • access to courses from providers such as LinkedIn Learning and Harvard Manager Mentor (additional fees)
  • customizable course sheets with the brand's image
  • Smooth playback experience through Adobe Media Player (viewing and delivery of e-learning content)


  • rather complex and time-consuming installation
  • interface too unintuitive
  • outsourced customer service too unresponsive
  • unreliable multilingual 
  • incomplete reports
  • lack of resources to guide the user through the process

Price: from €4 per month per registered user on the platform

7. D2L Brightspace

A solution for corporate learning and skills development.

The D2L Brightspace Learning Management System provides an innovative platform for creating personalized experiences for each learner.

It is a flexible solution that is suitable for schools, companies, and associations.

Key features:

  • automation of common course management tasks
  • simplified sharing of content between contributors and learners
  • gamification through rankings and rewards
  • Open access course catalog to facilitate independent registration of learners
  • add audio, text and video comments and annotations
  • mobile application


  • additional tools at extra cost
  • unintuitive navigation
  • sometimes slow storage servers
  • time-consuming customization

Price: quotes available

8. Trakstar Learn (formerly Mindflash)

Software for easily training your teams online

The platform Trakstar Learn offers the creation of dynamic online training, with the possibility of integrating and importing text files, animations, slides, videos, and audio.

Key features:

  • quizzes and evaluations at the end of the course
  • reports and dashboards
  • automated reminder emails
  • accessibility from any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • single sign-on and optimal data security


  • sometimes limited report
  • Inappropriate pricing structure for small businesses
  • necessary but complex training

Price: quotes available

9. Canvas LMS

A platform designed to facilitate learning in the workplace

Canvas LMS is a set of learning tools that helps companies of all sizes to ensure employee training and engagement. Trainers can easily create courses and integrate their own content.

Key features:

  • integration of interactive videos
  • customizable reports
  • individual tests and assessments
  • course, progress, and attendance tracking
  • customizable interface with your brand image
  • simplified imports and exports


  • difficult to handle
  • unintuitive interface
  • unintuitive notebook functionality
  • integration and synchronization with existing HR tools sometimes complicated
  • lack of notifications in the threads

Price: quotes available


10. Docebo

An LMS that offers your employees a unique learning experience

Docebo is a learning solution that allows you to create and manage online content to deliver training throughout your company. The platform uses artificial intelligence to offer employees personalized training paths based on their skill level.

Key features:

  • ease of use 
  • availability on mobile devices (Go.Learn)
  • e-learning content automatically generated by AI
  • automatic translation for multilingual content
  • simplified page creation by drag and drop
  • more than 400 integrations available 
  • ready-to-use evaluation questionnaires
  • creation of customized dashboards using widgets


  • pricing structure not well suited to small businesses 
  • recurring updates that can disrupt the user experience
  • poorly customized reports
  • initial learning curve
  • no phone support

Price: quotes available

11. Cornerstone

A complete LMS for training and skill-building

Cornerstone On Demand provides a scalable platform that allows employees to take directed, remote, or face-to-face training sessions. Content is tailored to each learner: learning spaces are flexible and encourage participation.

Key features:

  • content recommended by the AI
  • audits available in multiple languages
  • mobile application available on iOS and Android
  • integrated tables, customized reports, and real-time statistics


  • long integration process due to its complexity
  • unresponsive customer service
  • unergonomic admin panel

Price: quotes available

12. Tovuti LMS

A modern LMS that delivers learning experiences quickly and easily

Tovuti LMS software is a simple way to create interactive courses, engage learners, and train your teams. It provides a complete cloud-based learning experience with end-of-course assessments. Afterwards, reporting allows for effective learner tracking and provides a comprehensive snapshot of business performance.

Key features:

  • coaching support for all new clients
  • tutorial library
  • open API and integration with Zapier
  • awarding badges, creating contests, games, and rankings for gamification
  • personal dashboard for each learner based on their learning experience
  • live virtual classrooms


  • poor blog section of the platform
  • some support videos are outdated
  • sometimes unintuitive content creation interface that requires time to learn
  • overwhelming plethora of options
  • no free trial and very high price (see below)

Price: from €722 per month for 50 users + €2,300 installation fee

13. Moodle

The open-source platform to design customized training

Moodle is an online LMS that offers companies a scalable and secure open-source solution. Many fully customizable training tools are available within the platform.

Moodle is supported by an active network of certified partners and an active community of developers and users.

Key features:

  • virtual classrooms
  • Simplified content creation
  • advanced reporting
  • accessibility on mobiles
  • online support enhanced by integrated chat and forum
  • APIs available for integration
  • free version


  • bulky and not very ergonomic user interface
  • time-consuming installation and start-up process
  • complex plug-in integration
  • semi-annual updates that may disrupt existing content

Price: quotes available

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