The Top 12 Best Recruitment Management Systems (RMS)

2024 Edition

If your recruitment process has become slow or cumbersome, it may be time to consider a recruitment management system (RMS).

Indeed, the implementation of a recruitment management system will allow you to improve not only your recruiters' efficiency, but also your candidate pool's experience. An RMS includes a set of tools for managing job offers and following up on candidates' applications and data.

An RMS thus saves the HR team a considerable amount of time, as repetitive manual tasks will be simplified and automated.

To help you choose the solution that best fits your needs, we've assembled a list of the best RMS software by interface, key features, strengths, and limitations—as well as pricing—and listed them all here.

Here's our comparison of the 12 best RMS software:

  1. Rippling
  2. Gusto
  3. ADP Workforce Now
  4. Bamboo HR
  5. Workday
  6. Personio
  7. Workable
  8. Eddy
  9. Zoho Recruit
  10. Manatal
  11. iSmartRecruit
  12. Recruiterflow

1. Rippling

An RMS optimized for effortless recruitment management.

Designed for companies with up to 1,000 employees, Rippling offers a modern, all-in-one system for quickly onboarding new hires. What's more, it allows you to easily manage their payroll, benefits, and other HR needs.

Employee data is centralized, and redundant tasks are automated—all 100% accessible from the cloud.

Key features:

  • over 500 integrations, including Slack and Office 365
  • very fast onboarding process for new recruits
  • unified analysis system for easy report creation, viewing, and sharing
  • creation of customized HR policies by team, group, or department
  • access management by manager through custom authorizations


  • complex handling for custom reports
  • no hotline available to get help quickly
  • optimized experience on Chrome (but not on other browsers)

Pricing: from €7.25 per month, per user

2. Gusto

A platform to manage the growth of your teams in one place.

With Gusto, employee hiring, payment, and management are all centralized on a single platform to simplify HR teams' day-to-day activities.

Whatever your company's size, Gusto offers state-of-the-art features to support your growth.

Key features:

  • automatic calculation of social charges
  • job offer and letter templates
  • electronic signature and storage of documents
  • automatic custom reports


  • lack of reactivity of the customer support, no contact by phone 
  • complex configuration
  • unintuitive navigation

Pricing: from €35 per month + €5.40 per employee

3. ADP Workforce Now

A solution designed to simplify employee management—from the recruitment phase and beyond.

ADP Workforce Now is the tool companies use to improve their recruiting process and attract the best candidates.

Key features:

  • very well-designed mobile application
  • single dashboard and database for centralized information
  • configurable workflows
  • personalized career site
  • multiple integrations (like ZipRecruiter to detect the best profiles and encourage them to apply)
  • centralization of candidates' applications
  • time and cost-of-hire reports


  • tedious initial setup
  • poorly optimized user interface
  • unintuitive reporting
  • unresponsive customer service

Pricing: quotes available

4. Bamboo HR

Software for companies that want to improve the employee experience.

Bamboo HR offers users simple and practical management of the entire recruitment process.

From application review to candidate communication to team collaboration, Bamboo HR offers a thorough mobile solution.

Key features:

  • application monitoring
  • numerous integrations with other HR tools
  • computer and mobile accessibility
  • automatic alerts and integrated messaging
  • processes for onboarding and offboarding of employees
  • integrated payroll system and leave tracking
  • electronic signature
  • analysis reports


  • unintuitive navigation
  • lack of notifications for leave tracking
  • inflexible features and limited customization
  • few integrations available

Pricing: €99 per month per user


5. Workday

An innovative cloud system for HR management in growing companies.

Workday is a cloud platform that provides planning, analysis, and performance tools to improve the recruitment process.

In a nutshell, this agile solution allows companies of all sizes to anticipate human resources issues.

Key features:

  • job recommendations by candidate based on skills (with advanced machine learning)
  • automated campaigns for candidate search (Workday Candidate Engagement)
  • customization of workspaces, job postings and landing pages
  • complete suite of tools on a single platform: finance, reporting, payroll, and recruitment


  • many automatic notifications and emails sent by default
  • unintuitive navigation
  • time-consuming implementation

Pricing: quotes available

6. Personio

A flexible platform to easily manage recruitment, HR, and payroll for small and medium-sized businesses.

Personio assists the human resources on the recruitment process thanks to the fast publication of job offers and a fluid process to follow the applications, communicate with the candidates and integrate new collaborators.

Designed for SMBs (small and medium-sized enterprises), the solution offers numerous automations and customizations to save your HR team time.

Key features:

  • automatic centralization of applications from job boards
  • electronic signature
  • automatic sending of reminders, acknowledgements, and rejection letters
  • e-mail and job offer templates available


  • complex implementation
  • sometimes incorrect reports
  • use of the tool sometimes complicated
  • no integrated instant messaging

Pricing: from €3.75 per month per user

7. Workable

A leading platform for sourcing, collaborating, and hiring new talent. 

Workable is an online platform that allows you to track and manage all your applications via computer or mobile device.

Job posting and interview scheduling are simplified, while team collaboration is streamlined. In addition, the platform assists recruiters to ensure better pipeline management through an intuitive interface.

Key features:

  • Roles and access rights for several users of the HR team
  • synchronization with different e-mail accounts and calendars
  • centralized management of hiring and approval of applications
  • grouped and automated communication with candidates 
  • 700+ integrated and customized job descriptions


  • High pricing (see below)
  • lack of personalization for links, emails, offers,  or reports
  • customer service sometimes slow to respond


  • subscription: from €250 per month
  • occasional use: €129 per position to fill

8. Eddy 

The solution designed to streamline your HR processes, from hiring to training to payroll.

Eddy offers a simple-to-use platform to easily hire new employees through intuitive and customized pipelines.

This software also allows you to automate many redundant manual tasks.

Key features:

  • application tracking system
  • centralized publication of job offers on Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn
  • easily customizable career page (drag and drop)
  • electronic signatures for new contracts
  • collaboration among recruitment team members through shared comments, notes, and emojis
  • employment and salary history


  • lack of customization
  • time-consuming to learn
  • still relatively few functionalities 


  • subscription: €44 per month
  • +€7  per user per month


9. Zoho Recruit

The recruitment management system designed for recruitment agencies, corporate HR, and temporary staff.

To hire better talent, Zoho Recruit allows you to track applications and streamline the entire recruiting process.

From search to interviews to resume tracking, the all-in-one system offers a range of tools to automate and manage recruitment operations.

Key features:

  • instant upload, analysis, and search of resumes
  • personalized job site
  • instant talent search with the source booster tool
  • automation of recurring tasks for the follow-up of applications
  • management of user roles and authorizations


  • complex user interface handling
  • good price/value ratio
  • unresponsive customer service
  • lack of candidate screening functionality

Pricing: from €30 per month and per user

10. Manatal

A user-friendly and personalized SaaS platform to support your company's expansion.

For recruitment agencies or corporate HR departments, Manatal simplifies the hiring process through its many recruitment tools.

Key features:

  • comprehensive application tracking system 
  • quick set-up and configuration
  • access to thousands of channels for posting jobs
  • AI-based candidate profile recommendations
  • enrichment of the candidates' profile via integration of social networks


  • limited personalization on the home page
  • availability of the career page only in English and Spanish

Pricing: starting at €17.50 per user per month

11. iSmartRecruit

Single platform solution dedicated to sourcing as well as applicant tracking and management.

iSmartRecruit applicant tracking management

iSmartRecruit offers highly scalable AI Recruitment Software that automates the recruitment workflow and effectively streamlines the overall recruiting process for mass recruiters, hiring managers, HRs and staffing agencies. It enables hiring teams to create tailor-made workflows as per the organisations' requirements. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation and a more efficient recruitment experience.

Key features:

  • Online skills assessment tools
  • Recruitment Chatbot - 24x7 support
  • AI-based candidate matching
  • Resume parsing and management system
  • Video Interview tools
  • Hiring analytics for data driven decisions


  • No free plan available
  • Some users have reported minor glitches from time to time

Pricing: quotes available on demand

12. Recruiterflow

A one step solution for recruitment.

Recruiterflow RMS review

Recruiterflow is an all-encompassing applicant tracking system and CRM solution designed for recruiting and staffing businesses. It streamlines the recruitment process, offering features like interview scheduling, customizable workflows, and team collaboration.

Key features:

  • Interview Scheduling: Efficiently set up and manage interview schedules.
  • Pipeline Management: Visualize and manage the hiring pipeline with ease.
  • Candidate Nurturing: Build relationships with top candidates through engagement.
  • Customizable Workflows: Tailor the recruitment process to specific hiring needs.
  • Integrate with various tools for enhanced functionality.


  • No mobile app
  • Missing timesheet management feature

Pricing: Starting from $99/ month/user.

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