The Top 10 Best Video Interview Software

2024 Edition

In today's globalized and fast-paced recruitment landscape, video interviews are no longer just a convenience—it's a necessity. Why? Hiring teams can access a world of talent, speed up the hiring process, and maintain a personal touch—all while keeping costs in check.

According to SBAM, online job interviews have surged in popularity by 49% since 2011. Further, six out of 10 recruiters find that video interviews streamline the candidate shortlisting process. An Indeed study also reveals that 82% of hiring managers continue to use virtual interviews for their sheer efficiency, even as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down.

If you're involved in high-volume recruiting, the benefits multiply. Video interview software offers consistent, efficient screening, saving time and money, and granting access to a global talent pool.

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Considering the shift? Here are the Top 10 Video Interview Software to elevate your recruitment game (as of August 2023):

  • Willo
  • VidCruiter
  • Elevatus
  • SparkHire
  • Hireflix
  • MyInterview
  • Avature
  • HireVue
  • interviewstream
  • Recright

1. Willo

Willo's video interview platform offers easy customization for any company size, scaling from small firms to enterprises like Coinbase, and enables rapid setup of branded, role-specific interviews.

Willo Video Interview Software

Willo's video interview platform is a versatile solution that caters to the needs of both small businesses and enterprise-level customers like Coinbase, capable of handling high-volume recruitment that exceeds thousands of interviews per month.

From a talent acquisition standpoint, the process begins with logging in and establishing a company profile. If you're overseeing multiple brands or various company locations requiring distinct accounts, Willo enables the creation of several profiles. The platform empowers you to customize the candidate experience by aligning it with your company's colors and logo.

Key features:

  • Asynchronous video interviews
  • Simple and easy set-up
  • Affordable pricing, with a free trial
  • Provides you with the time saved in the recruitment process so you can exactly know the impact of using Willo 


  • Lacks some features that other products have in this space
  • Non-mobile friendly
  • No real-time 1:1 interview feature


  • 0-5 users is $336/yr
  • 5-20 users is $1,800/yr
  • Their enterprise tier is $3,300/yr up to 1,000 employees
  • If your company is over 1,000 employees, you’ll have to get a custom quote

2. VidCruiter

VidCruiter's versatile video interview platform offers both 1-way and 2-way interviews, multi-language support, and bias-reducing features, with extensive 24/7 support.

Vidcruiter Video Interview Software

VidCruiter, a pioneer in video interview platforms, stands out with its versatile and refined products, offering a choice between 1-way and 2-way interviews or both. Its multi-language support is a boon for large organizations, and enterprise users attest to its time-saving and bias-reducing capabilities.

The platform's interface presents real-time standardized questions, rating guides, and bias mitigation features. While implementation can be time-consuming due to customizations, it is worth the investment for the benefits it delivers. VidCruiter offers extensive support, including 24/7 live agent and email assistance, dedicated account management, and on-demand candidate help.

Key features:

  • Highly customisable
  • Robust, pre-recorded and live video interviewing available
  • Multilingual and 24/7 customer support


  • No free trial
  • Longer implementation time
  • Undisclosed Pricing


  • Quotes available on demand

3. Elevatus

Elevatus is a recruitment software that streamlines the talent acquisition process, from job requisition to onboarding new hires.

Elevatus Video Interview Software

Elevatus offers a video interviewing software that integrates AI and advanced analytics to modernize the recruitment process. Its intuitive interface facilitates easy interaction for candidates and recruiters alike, while AI-powered insights assist in making informed decisions about candidate suitability. The platform standardizes interviews, potentially reducing bias and streamlining remote hiring for a global talent pool. While its features are designed to save time and provide data-driven insights, it's crucial for users to complement the AI suggestions with human judgment. 

Key features:

  • AI Powered insights
  • Standardized interviews
  • User friendly interface


  • Excessive customization complicates the UX
  • Learning curve for the UI


  • Quotes available on demand

4. Spark Hire

Spark Hire offers unlimited video interviews to all of its plans with an intuitive and easy-to-implement user interface.

SparkHire Video Interview Software

Spark Hire stands as a formidable video interview solution, especially tailored for staffing and midsize businesses looking to hire for remote and international roles. With an intuitive user interface, unparalleled technical support, and the unique offering of unlimited video interviews across all plans, it's no surprise that Spark Hire boasts an impressive 6,000+ customer base, including renowned names like Volkswagen, Ikea, and BAE, along with nearly 1,000 staffing agencies. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, SparkHire is your go-to solution for swiftly implementing effective video interviews.

Key features:

  • Easy implementation
  • Highly customisable to make the experience more engaging for the candidates
  • Offers a free timeline for the candidate to do the interview


  • Feedback section is a bit tricky to use
  • No integration with ATSs


  • Lite costs $149 per month for unlimited interviews for 1 job at a time with 3 users.
  • Pro costs $299 per month with unlimited interviews for 5 jobs at a time with 5 users.
  • Growth costs $499 per month with unlimited interviews for 10 jobs at a time with 6+ users.
  • Enterprise plan has more functionality for custom pricing.

5. Hireflix

Hireflix is a streamlined one-way video interviewing platform that excels in creating efficient, focused asynchronous interviews, offering transparent pricing and effortless setup, but may not be suitable for teams seeking live interviews or virtual job fair functionalities.

HireFlix video interview software

Hireflix's online, one-way video interviewing platform revolutionizes recruitment, facilitating faster hiring and enhancing the candidate experience. Within minutes, Hireflix allows you to create asynchronous interviews, simultaneously reaching hundreds of candidates and enabling easy team sharing for interview evaluations.

What sets Hireflix apart is its laser focus on perfecting the one-way video interview. Amidst a sea of multifunctional platforms, Hireflix stands out with its singular dedication. Its transparent pricing and a generous 1-month free trial add to its appeal.

The platform simplifies the creation of test interviews by allowing you to easily add video and text questions, and set thinking time for candidates per question. Hireflix supports individual and bulk CSV invites, offering flexible interview invitations via email or a public link, with no app downloads or signups needed by the candidate.

Additionally, Hireflix integrates seamlessly with various third-party tools, boasting a complaint-free implementation process. However, it might not be suitable for teams requiring live interviews and virtual job fair capabilities.

Key features:

  • No log-in, no sign-up required by the candidate
  • Easy implementation, no technical knowledge required
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Offers one of the longest trial periods


  • No AI features
  • Does not support any two way interviews


  • Small: Priced at $75/month, this plan is ideal for businesses with less than 50 employees.
  • Medium: Geared towards mid-sized companies with 50-250 employees, this plan costs $150 per month.
  • Custom: Hireflix offers a custom quote for corporates, recruitment agencies, and other use cases.

6. myInterview

myInterview's mobile-friendly platform excels in video interviews with skill and personality screening, offers a versatile question format, and a Kanban-style dashboard, but falls short on live interviews and customization options.

MyInterview Video Interview Software

myInterview stands out with its cutting-edge screening feature that evaluates both skills and personality, helping you find candidates who not only qualify but also align with your company's culture. Its mobile-friendly interface requires no app downloads and supports multiple languages like English, French, and German, enhancing user experience for all parties involved.

The platform offers flexibility in crafting interview questions, allowing the use of single choice, multiple choice, written text, and video responses. You can manage candidates with ease through the newly transformed Kanban Board-style candidate dashboard, featuring drag-and-drop functionality and automated emails for different stages of the hiring process.

myInterview further facilitates team collaboration by enabling custom account permissions and targeted job access sharing.

You can perform bulk actions for sharing, rejecting, moving, or deleting candidates, utilize a search bar for quick candidate filtering, and take advantage of a native scheduler for better time management.

Key features:

  • Mobile optimised
  • Native scheduling tool
  • Multiple languages offered
  • Kanban board for easy management


  • No live interviewing tool
  • Custom integrations cost extra
  • No candidate feedback option


  • Individual ($99/month, billed yearly)
  • Professional (custom)

7. Avature

Avature's customizable recruiting suite now features an easy-to-use video interview platform, available as an integrated or standalone solution for applicant screening.

Avature Video Interview Software

Avature delivers a highly sophisticated recruiting software suite, featuring an infinitely customizable ATS and CRM, tailor-made for global companies. To meet the evolving needs of remote hiring, they have introduced a video interview platform that provides talent acquisition teams with an easy-to-use tool for applicant screening. Seamlessly integrated with their comprehensive suite, this platform also serves as a standalone solution for companies solely seeking video interviewing technology.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive solution, includes CRM, ATS and onboarding solutions
  • Offers artificial intelligence with automatic talent matching and candidate ranking
  • Offers a mobile app


  • No free trial
  • UI is not intuitive
  • Assessment feature is quite basic compared to competitors


  • Quotes available on demand


8. HireVue

HireVue is an enterprise-grade recruiting tool offering AI-enhanced video interviews, candidate assessments, and a virtual assistant, all backed by organizational psychology insights.

HireVue Video interview Software

HireVue, ideal for enterprise teams with robust budgets, is a powerful recruiting tool known for its video interviewing. It supports both live and asynchronous interviews without requiring app downloads, and is mobile-friendly. Informed by organizational psychologists, HireVue offers over 1,000 job-specific interview guides and rigorous candidate assessments. Its conversational AI assistant further aids candidates in scheduling, event management, and finding relevant positions.

Key features:

  • Virtual assistant that can do initial screening and messaging with new candidates
  • Robust interview capabilities


  • Not accessible individually in any situation
  • Can get expensive after exhaustion of the allotted number of sessions


  • Quotes available on demand by the employer

9. interviewstream

interviewstream's user-friendly video interviewing and scheduling platform boosts hiring efficiency for over 900 companies with quick support, enhanced candidate experience, and reduced screening time, providing a competitive edge in securing top talent.

interviewstream video interview software

interviewstream, formerly recognized as RIVS, is a comprehensive recruiting solution designed to simplify and optimize your hiring process. The platform offers one-way and on-demand video platforms that are ideal for screening candidates efficiently and effectively, eliminating the time-consuming back-and-forth typically associated with scheduling initial interviews.

With a clientele of more than 900 organizations, Interviewstream caters to a diverse range of industries and sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. They serve not only corporate entities but also extend their services to educational institutions, including universities and K-12 school districts.

Key features:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy and intuitive UI
  • Integrates with many ATSs


  • Sometimes there is a lag between the audio and video
  • Prices are not disclosed on the website


  • Quotes available on demand by the employer

10. Recright

Recright is a time-saving video interviewing and applicant tracking tool for streamlined recruiting.

Recright Video Interview Software

Recright has received positive reviews for its user-friendly video interviewing platform that substantially streamlines the recruitment process. It allows interviewers to pre-record questions, share them with candidates, and easily assess their responses. This feature has been particularly helpful in identifying candidates who are well-suited for specific roles, contributing to more informed hiring decisions.

However, there are areas where Recright could be improved. Users have noted the absence of a pause button on the video recorder, which would be beneficial for interviewers who need a moment to think about their questions. Another limitation is the inability to resend invitations to candidates who have not opened or responded to the initial invitation, making it difficult to follow up. Furthermore, as a positive candidate experience can significantly boost recruitment ROI, users have expressed a desire for more customization options in Recright's invitation message forms to make the hiring process more engaging and unique.

Key features:

  • Easy to use for both the recruiter and the candidate
  • 14-day trial and a transparent pricing structure
  • Excellent customer support


  • No pause button
  • Not possible to resend an invitation to the candidates
  • Third party integrations cost extra


  • Easy: Starting at €265/month for teams with 10 - 20 positions per year
  • Pro: Starting at €475/month for teams with 30 - 50 positions per year

Enterprise: Custom pricing for teams with over 60 positions per year

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