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Pipplet x 5CA:
How This BPO Leader Optimized High-Volume Hiring for Remote Customer Service

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Assessment lead Elzette Strasheim looks back on 5CA's multilingual customer service hiring challenges and how Pipplet helped solve them.

Tapping a Global Talent Pool

5CA is a leading global BPO firm specializing in remote customer support services for the gaming, entertainment, consumer electronics, and digital services industries.

Based in the Netherlands, 5CA has a network of remote agents in 95 countries and 25+ languages, offering customized support to clients' customers. 5CA has seen double-digit growth annually, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a global talent pool, 5CA receives high volumes of applications annually for its customer service roles that require language proficiency, problem-solving skills, and a strong customer focus.

Outgrowing Manual Assessments

For 5CA, ensuring that their employees possess the required skills and qualifications is essential for maintaining the high-quality customer service they provide to their clients. This includes verifying that candidates have the ability to speak a language to a certain level.

Previously, recruiters used internally developed pre-screening language assessments, which they administered and scored themselves.

However, with the increasing volume of applicants, compounded by the competitive talent market, this process became time-intensive and unsustainable, leading the recruitment team to search for more efficient, impartial, and fair solutions.

Finding the Ideal Language Screening Tool

One Solution for Several Languages

Operating in over 25 languages, 5CA found Pipplet to be the ideal solution for their language assessment needs. Pipplet offers tests in 40 languages, making it perfect for 5CA's clients' multilingual demands.

For instance, if a client requires a customer service representative who is a native speaker of English and Japanese, 5CA can use Pipplet to assess and validate for the client that the candidate meets the language proficiency requirements. This leads to a more efficient and effective hiring process.

Use of the CEFR

Pipplet uses the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the international standard for evaluating and describing language ability, which 5CA is able to communicate to clients globally.

The CEFR makes the results of language assessments universally understandable, facilitating clear communication between 5CA and clients. Pipplet's assessment report provides detailed descriptions of the candidate's score, making results easy to comprehend, accurate, transparent, and actionable for 5CA.

Oral & Written Skills Assessments

The language assessments provided by Pipplet include overall scores and sub-scores in reading & writing and speaking & listening.

This enables recruiters to consider results in relation to specific job requirements, such as giving more weight to the oral skills sub-score for roles requiring strong speaking skills and more consideration to the written skills sub-score for roles requiring proficiency in written communication. The sub-scores provide a more nuanced evaluation of language abilities, helping recruiters make informed hiring decisions.

Optimizing Recruitment with Pipplet

5CA optimized its recruitment process by improving the company's time-to-hire and candidate quality, with the help of Pipplet.

Improved Time-to-Hire and Candidate Quality
By using Pipplet, 5CA is able to identify quality candidates early on in the process and assess thousands of candidates at once, saving time and resources.

The assessments are automatically evaluated and scored by professional examiners, eliminating the need for recruiter involvement.

User-Friendly Platform
The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing all of 5CA’s recruiters to manage candidates collaboratively in one place. The analytics dashboard provides recruiters with the information they need to make informed decisions about applicants.

Maintaining Positive Candidate Experience
5CA has been able to maintain a smooth and positive candidate experience throughout the process, and its ability to quickly process a high volume of applications has made it stand out in the competitive war for talent.

Easy-to-Take Tests
Candidates find the Pipplet test easy to navigate and complete, and the white-labeling feature allows 5CA to give the impression of an internal assessment. All touchpoints, including the test interface, automated emails, and language proficiency reports, are branded, enhancing the internal assessment process.

With Pipplet, 5CA has transformed its recruitment process into a well-oiled machine that saves time and resources while delivering high-quality candidates to its clients.

Pipplet for High-Volume Hiring, In a Nutshell

Efficient High-Volume Screening

Screen all applicants for customer service and language-critical roles with ease and without compromising on talent quality, thanks to Pipplet.

One-Stop Language Assessment Tool

Gain an advantage in building a multilingual workforce by using a single solution to assess all of your candidates' language skills.

For BPO Companies: Guarantee Quality for Your Clients

Ensure quality outsourced talent for your clients with professional, CEFR-based assessments.

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