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[Recruitment] Assessing the language skills of 5,000+ candidates for the customer service department, with Pipplet.








The Background

Amazon is the global leader in the world of e-commerce, and one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.

Their goal was to strengthen its customer service within its current international markets. This required a reliable language test able to meet the demand for scale, agility, innovation, and speed.

Pipplet is the global reference in the language assessment market, making it possible to offer multiple tests in the 16 languages needed by this major client.

The Challenge

Assessing language proficiency skills of over 5000 candidates in 16 languages. Amazon confronted a need to not only increase the number of new employees on its customer support teams, but deal with a shifting focus towards hiring candidates capable of communicating with customers in specific languages.

This was an important priority to address the growing demands of its international and multilingual customer base, in addition to sustaining its upward sales growth.

Amazon priding itself on being customer-centric, needs to hire employees who have a command of specific languages, a key success factor in evaluating their hiring process. The objective of this company was to hire customer-facing staff proficient enough to handle consumer inquiries by phone, email, and other communication channels in the most efficient manner.

Their timeframe to begin assessing applicants in several countries required a tight turnaround for our team.

Why Amazon's Leadership Team chose Pipplet

Pipplet's customer-first mentality:

Being able to build a solid relationship from the start was important to build trust.Because the client was going to be investing in our solution, they wanted to be sure the results would meet their expectations. As a result, we offered a trial test run.By doing this, the client was able to gain confidence with our dashboard and send our Pipplet Talent and Screening Tests to a number of their early applicants. This played a contributing role in the final selection process.

Pipplet's Expertise:

Our tests are based on the CEFR criteria. So, we follow this framework as a guide for obtaining consistent results each time. However, where we demonstrate our differentiation from other competitors is in the test development phase, and the quality of our examiners behind the grading.
Pipplet tests meet specific testing requirements before they can be released. Additionally, 20% of tests are crossed-checked by other examiners to ensure a quality analysis.

Pipplet's flexibility:

Our API feature makes it simple for the client to integrate the Pipplet tests into their software. This creates less hassle for the client, and allows them to allocate their remaining time towards handling other time-sensitive tasks.
Pipplet’s accessibility on any device makes this test easy for their test-takers to access the test if they do not have their own personal computer.

Since about 80% of our clientele are Human Resources Professionals, and many of them are hiring candidates in a number of diverse industries, we allow personalization. Thus, in order to meet the client's specifications, we added new languages and new features which support our agility and flexibility.

Distinguished Expertise:

Global framework, delivering this client reliable results each time.

Increased Agility:

Pipplet’s proactivity was equipped to handle time-sensitive demands from the client.

Distinct Customer Experience:

Onboarding, personalization, and dedicated attention built an unquestionable customer-client relationship.

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