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[Recruitment] Doctors Without Borders recruiters maximize their productivity for international hires, thanks to Pipplet








The Background

Nonprofit, Doctors Without Borders, recruits volunteers to intervene in international health-related projects. Their mission is to put people at the center of their work and this begins with communication.

In an attempt to standardize certain parts of their recruitment, language assessment stood at the core.

Their objective was to guide job candidates who would be most likely to perform effectively and make the most significant contributions through their recruitment funnel quicker.

The Challenge

Doctors without borders had to recruit a number of doctors and other essential workers on the ground who were partly responsible for the management and safety of patients and staff.

These workers required a certain level of proficiency in French and English, but Doctors Without Borders did not have a solution or a process that would allow them to quickly identify credible candidates, saving them time in their recruitment process.

The solution had to be able to streamline how Doctors Without Borders could identify who, in their talent pool, could manage difficult conversations and exchange communication in formal and informal contexts.

"Even if we had a common understanding of what the new expatriate's level of English should be, the assessment, which was only oral, remained dependent on everyone and could thus be questioned."

Marc Ferrier, Head of Recruitment Services
@ Doctors without Borders · 36 500 employees
October 27, 2020


Thanks to Pipplet, Doctors Without Borders managed to save 20 hours of total recruitment time by adopting a standardized approach to language evaluation in their recruitment process.

The 24-hour results and our accuracy also made it an easy decision for them to recommend Pipplet to Doctors Without Borders branches in other regions such as New York, Tokyo and Dubai. They also added Arabic and Italian at the last minute due to the speed at which the whole process went for them with English and French.

The maximum flexibility of Pipplet has also enabled Doctors Without Borders to adapt a few questions to satisfy their particular field so that they could assess candidates in more relevant contexts.

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Increased Productivity:

Faster recruitment thanks to Pipplet's 24-hour language evaluation.

Greater precision:

Better qualified talent pool identified for the final selection of candidates.

Increased Confidence :

Pipplet integrated in the recruitment process of 3 other offices (New York, Tokyo and Dubai).

Adopt more effective methods to your recruitment with language assessment