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[Recruitment] Eiffage HR team increases the effectiveness of recruitment with language assessment, with Pipplet tests








The Background

Eiffage is one of the largest construction companies in France, with over 70,000 employees on different continents. One of its goals is to build environmentally friendly communities by creating sustainable cities connecting territories.

A recruitment effort across the company led Eiffage to look for language assessment tests as a way to develop a more standardized and faster approach to their early recruitment phase.

The Challenge

Eiffage announced they would hire project managers in France, other regions of Europe, Canada, Colombia, and Africa. The new employees had to be competent in several languages, English being the main language.

Several requirements related to Eiffage's collaboration with a language company were for the company to be recognized worldwide and that other companies similar to them were successful with Pipplet. Finally, Eiffage wanted the company to offer a test solution that would be easy enough to merge with their existing recruitment software.

"The system works well. The reactivity at Pipplet is

Etienne Azerad, English Trainer @ Eiffage · 70 000 employees
22 mars 2019


Etienne Azerad, Eiffage's English Trainer says "The system works well. The responsiveness in Pipplet is impressive." Pipplet provided Eiffage with a niche solution that recommended several appropriate candidate profiles within 24 hours.
Azerad added that "the test allowed us to form a necessary first impression of the candidate's language skills, which helped us know which candidates deserved a second interview in person."

Finally, Etienne added that "there are opportunities to further develop the test to cover even more depth for slightly more complex positions", which he looks forward to seeing.

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Increased Trust:

Reactivity and foresight, boosting customer confidence in Pipplet.

Increased Efficiency:

Quicker hiring and onboarding, saving time and resources for Eiffage.

Maximum Agility:

Flexible infrastructure, accommodating last-minute requests for Eiffage’s demands.

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