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The ability to understand and participate in a variety of conversations as well as express opinions is key to being able to function well in simple work contexts.

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What does my TOEIC test score means?
What does my TOEIC test score means?


The candidate is best able to understand phrases and vocabulary related to areas of most immediate personal relevance, like very basic personal and family information, shopping, their local area, and employment. The candidate is also able to catch the main point in short, clear, and simple messages and announcements.

Speaking (interaction)

The candidate has the ability to communicate in routine tasks that require a simple exchange of information on familiar topics and activities. The candidate is able to handle short social exchanges, and usually understands enough to keep the conversation going.

Speaking (production)

The candidate can describe his or her family, friends, and living conditions using simple phrases and sentences. They can also share information about their educational background and present or most recent job.

What does my TOEIC test score means?
What does my TOEIC test score means?


The candidate can read short and simple texts, find specific information in everyday materials such as ads, prospectuses, menus and timetables, and understand short personal letters.


The candidate is able to write brief, straightforward notes and messages pertaining to matters in areas of immediate need. The candidate is able to write a very simple personal letter, for example expressing gratitude to someone.

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TOEIC | 225-549

Pipplet (CEFR)





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