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Advanced Deutsch speakers can speak spontaneously, with a diverse vocabulary and speaking with mastery of complex structures.

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What does my TOEIC test score means?
What does my TOEIC test score means?


The candidate has the ability to comprehend extended speech, even if it is delivered in a unclear manner. The candidate is also able to understand television programs and movies without great difficulty.

Speaking (interaction)

The candidate is effective in communicating and does so without difficulty or hesitation. They are able to use language for various social and professional purposes and do so with skill. They are able to express their ideas and opinions clearly and connect them to what others are saying.

Speaking (production)

The candidate can present clear and detailed descriptions of complex subjects, integrating sub-themes, developing particular points, and rounding off with an appropriate conclusion.

What does my TOEIC test score means?
What does my TOEIC test score means?


The candidate is able to understand complex texts, both fiction and non-fiction. They can identify different styles and techniques used, and comprehend difficult concepts even when they are not related to the candidate's area of expertise.


The candidate's excellent communication skills, both in writing and in person, would be a valuable asset in any workplace. They have the ability to explain complex topics clearly and adapt their style of communication to fit their audience. This makes the candidate an ideal fit for any role that requires strong communication skills.

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Pipplet (CEFR)






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