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Pipplet for BPO

Assess the writing skills of your applicants for customer service roles

Themed 30-minute online test, customer service scenarios in 40 languages, results within 24 hours.

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Recruiters, step up your game!

Time is limited

Screening high volumes of candidates and assessing their ability to communicate in writing is time-consuming for recruiters.

99% of assessments are irrelevant

Most hiring tests are too academic, evaluate knowledge rather than skills, and do not reflect the job at hand.

Customer service is all about soft skills

Assessing soft skills such as empathy or positive attitude is often tricky, and subject to biases.

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Pipplet assesses work readiness

Know how well an individual will perform in a specific job role from the get go. Save training time. Don't leave successful hiring to chance.

Pipplet provides insights about your candidates

Going beyond language proficiency assessment, Pipplet provides insights into the personality and character traits of your candidates (empathy, effectiveness...).

Pipplet provides insights about candidates Recruitment
Pipplet increases your productivity

Pipplet increases your productivity

From our easy-to-use dashboard, send invites to 10 / 100 / 1000+ applicants in seconds. Get results within 24 hours. And automate tasks like interview scheduling with our API integrations.

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Key features

24/7 Availability

All online, no appointment needed

24 hours

Get results and make hiring decisions.

10,000+ tests

Pipplet assesses thousands of applicants every month.

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What does a Pipplet test look like?

For the recruiter

Getting started with our user-friendly dashboard is a breeze. From there, import and manage your candidates, open access to other recruiters, and get scores and evaluation reports.

Pipplet Dashboard Language test
Test interface Pipplet candidates

For your candidates

Candidates will experience the real life of a customer agent in our 5-question test. They'll respond to chat and email messages, and write an essay to showcase their production skills - the focus of Pipplet's assessment.

Here's how it works

Invite your test takers

Import your applicants into the Pipplet dashboard, and send test invitations in bulk. Automated reminders are sent by SMS and email.

Applicants take the test online

No appointment needed. The 30-minute online test can be taken at any time, from any device (mobile, tablet, or PC).

Get results within 24 hours

Sit back as results roll within 24 hours in your ATS or the easy-to-use admin dashboard. Now you can plan interviews and focus your efforts on qualified candidates only.

Why choose Pipplet? Main features:

40+ Languages

Pipplet covers most languages spoken in the workplace. Test your applicants with Pipplet in all the languages spoken by end customers.

White labeling

Strengthen your employer brand and optimize the candidate experience by customizing Pipplet with your corporate identity.


Pipplet is known for its security. Our 100% online test has built-in anti-cheating features, making it just as reliable as an in-person test.

Evaluation report

Pipplet evaluates your candidates' writing skills according to the CEFR, and gives you a reliable understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.


Whether you need to test 10, 100, or 1,000 candidates, Pipplet lets you send your invitations in one click, and compare results easily.

API Integrations

Designed to help recruiters save time and simplify their recruitment process, Pipplet integrates with your existing tools to bring you maximum efficiency.

“Pipplet has helped us in hiring new employees for roles in languages we would in no way be able to test on our own. It has been especially helpful to us as we scale up our hiring needs!”
- Andrew K., Shopify
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