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Narrow down your applicant pool instantly with Talent AI's English language test.

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Designed for customer service roles
Backed by ETS, the makers of TOEIC and TOEFL
Powered by OpenAI
Powered by OpenAI
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Product built upon experience Pipplet

Innovation built on experience

Since 2015, Pipplet has assessed 400,000+ job candidates across 1600+ top employers worldwide, with the help of real human language experts. The results have helped recruiters make fast, well-informed hiring decisions.

Now, we bring you Talent AI with deep learning technology informed by our extensive experience with human-graded tests, so you can verify your candidates' skills in just minutes.

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Key features

24/7 Availability

All online, no appointment needed

Instant results

Instant results for real-time decisions

4 Skills

Comprehensive assessment of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills

Pipplet tells you what cvs don't

Talent AI tells you instantly what CVs don't

Does your candidate have the necessary professional communication skills to thrive in an English-speaking work environment? Talent AI gives you the answer, in just a few clicks.

Talent AI is all about language work-proficiency

Based on 7 years of expertise in the language assessment field for the workplace, with a wealth of data built on 400,000 tests assessed, we can say with strong confidence that a CEFR grade of B2 or above means that your candidate will be able to interact adequately as a customer agent using the language.

Here's how it works

Invite your test takers

Import your applicants into the Pipplet dashboard, and send test invitations in bulk. Automated reminders are sent by SMS and email.

They take the test online

No appointment needed. The 30-minute online test can be taken at any time, from any device (mobile, tablet, or PC).

Get an instant "Ready to Work" or "Not Ready" result

Sit back as results roll in your ATS or the easy-to-use admin dashboard. Now you can plan interviews and focus your efforts on qualified candidates only.

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Why choose Talent AI?

BPOs and RPOs are switching to Talent AI for their screening needs. This is because current screening tools lack reliability, offer poor user experience, and take attention away from what's important: whether candidates have adequate professional communication skills.

If you can relate, let's talk!

"This model was tested intensively in-house for over a year on hundreds of thousands of tests, by running it in parallel with evaluation by human examiners. Multiple iterations of this custom model later, we are excited to share the incredible accuracy of our results with the world."
Miranda Knight Pipplet
- Miranda Knight, Product Manager and Head of Linguistics at Pipplet
Our offer

Talent AI®

Get an instant “Ready to Work” or “Not Ready” result based on an AI assessment of your candidates' oral and written skills for customer service positions.

Online test, no appointment
Situation-based questions
Speaking and writing
Listening and reading
Pass / Fail result


1,000-4,999 tests
per test
5,000-9,999 tests
per test
10,000+ tests
per test

Preview the test report: Talent AI Evaluation Report

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