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Pipplet: The Corporate Language Test
That Revolutionizes Recruiters' Lives

Picture this

You’re a recruiter, an HR team member or director, and you have many things on your mind: Talent diversity and equity, skills screening, language testing, making your hiring process more efficient… There’s so much to stay on top of.

Good news: Pipplet was designed to help you!

Save time recruiters! Use pipplet

But... What is Pipplet?

Pipplet is a fast and easy-to-use corporate language test that helps you save time, allows you to stay unbiased, and ensures absolute certainty in your candidates’ actual communication skills – related to their field of work. 

It’s affordably priced, integrates with your existing HR tools, and requires little to no effort on your end. What’s more, your candidates and your talent will love it, which is great for Employer Branding, and it’ll help you save hours!

Brands like Amazon, TikTok and Shopify use it on a daily basis!

Pipplet- the HR tool you need

How does it work?

1) You create a Pipplet account in two clicks,
2) You purchase the number of credits you need (around 40€ per test, as opposed to 100€ per test with some alternatives),
3) In just minutes, you can send the test to your potential recruits.
4) Then, within 24 hours, you receive the final results, and can move forward stress-free and hassle-free with your hiring process or talent assessment.

One Pipplet test campaign can save you up to 20 hours of time per recruit/ employee!