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Most professionals are expected to be competent in both speaking and writing, with strong grammar skills. This is especially true for those who hold a master's degree.

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What does my TOEIC test score means?
What does my TOEIC test score means?


Candidates who have strong listening skills can follow most TV news and current affairs programmes as well as understand complex lines of argument on familiar topics.

Speaking (interaction)

The candidate has great communication skills with native speakers, which makes regular conversation easy. The candidate is also able to actively participate in discussions on familiar topics and express and defend their views.

Speaking (production)

The candidate is an effective communicator on topics related to their field of interest. They can explain their views on current issues and outline the pros and cons of various options.

What does my TOEIC test score means?
What does my TOEIC test score means?


The candidate's ability to read and comprehend articles and reports allows them to understand the attitudes or viewpoints of the writers. Furthermore, the candidate's understanding of contemporary literary prose allows them to gain a greater understanding of the text.


The candidate has excellent communication skills and is able to share information on a wide variety of topics related to his/her interests. The candidate can write an excellent essay or report, providing reasons and evidence to support or refute a particular point of view. The candidate is also able to write letters that vividly describe events and experiences.

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