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It is essential to be able to understand and express simple sentences in order to be able to deal with familiar situations.

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What does my TOEIC test score means?
What does my TOEIC test score means?


The candidate can understand and respond to simple questions, such as "What is your name?" or "Where do you live?" They may be able to communicate basic needs, such as "I'm thirsty" or "I need to go to the bathroom."

Speaking (interaction)

The candidate is able to understand and use simple phrases and sentences to meet immediate needs. They are also able to ask and answer simple questions on familiar topics. However, the candidate may need the other person to repeat or rephrase things at a slower rate of speech, or to help them formulate what they are trying to say.

Speaking (production)

The candidate can use simple phrases and sentences to describe their home and the people they know.

What does my TOEIC test score means?
What does my TOEIC test score means?


The candidate will be able to understand familiar names, words, and very simple sentences on notices, posters, and catalogs. This includes being able to read very short, simple texts.


The candidate can write a short, simple postcard, for example, sending holiday greetings. The candidate can fill out forms with personal details, such as name, nationality, and address on a hotel registration form.

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