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Assess the Foreign Language Skills of Your Staff and Candidates

Are you in charge of Talent Acquisition or Talent Development in a startup? Pipplet will help you identify top multilingual prospective candidates during any job application process, making this part of the hiring quick and efficient.

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Create your account, invite your recruitment team, send your first tests, all in just a few minutes!

A trusted assessment for your growing business

A trusted digital language assessment that allows you to recruit from a pool of highly skilled multilingual candidates.

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A practical recruitment method for young companies

Our role-playing questions will enable candidates to demonstrate their communication skills and professionalism, providing you the confidence to develop your company.

Startup Success Story

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The challenge
The solution
A major North American startup was developing its activities in Europe. In this context it was necessary to set up a customer service center addressing more than 10 languages. As a result, the startup received a number of new CVs, all of which had to be sorted.
Pipplet tests were implemented as the first step of the hiring process, during the analysis of candidate CVs. Candidates identified as having a B2 level or higher in their tested language were selected for the next phase in the hiring process. This simple implementation of our language assessment helped allow this startup to recruit the best 150 job applicants over a span of 2 months.

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